*Says Membership Open To Lawyers And Non Lawyers

A group of accredited alternative dispute resolution services providers is glad to announce the birth of its body “Association Of Multi-Door Courthouse Practitioners (AMCP)”, and has called for membership into the Association.

The Association is an umbrella body for accredited Mediators, Mediation Advocates & Advisors, Conciliators, and Arbitrators who practice at the various Multi-Door Courthouses in Nigeria.

Speaking on the development, the Chairman, Valentino Buoro, said membership of the group is open to lawyers and non lawyers accredited to practice as ADR professionals by recognizable ADR Institutions.

“Without doubt this platform opens a new world of opportunities to us all.

“My implicit faith is that this Association will ultimately be the place to be in ADR Nigeria.

“We shall incrementally engage the management of Multi-Door Courthouses around the country.

“We shall also continuously promote the multi-courthouse concept to both the government and the user public in such manner as to contribute to the growth of the institutions.

“One truth that perhaps does not occur to us is the fact that we are the “multi-door” component of the Courthouses. It is multi door because of our various specialisations.

“If we visualise this and truly appreciate its import, we will realise that the development or otherwise of this system rests on us as a collective.

“We also think that this platform should simplify the marketing strategies of members.

“It can sometimes be problematic to struggle to describe the many ADR feathers some of us wear to prospects. Rather than say: I am an accredited Mediator; certified Mediation Advocate, Conciliator and Arbitrator; why don’t we simply say I am a Multi-Door Courthouse practitioner?

“This is the one huge achievement we shall obtain if we succeed in the mission to make ours a recognizable practice in the market place.”

Application for membership accompanied with photocopies of accreditation certificates should be forwarded to: multidoorpractitioners@gmail.com

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