Daily Law Tips (Tip 372) by Onyekachi Umah, Esq., LLM. ACIArb(UK)


Public property are common property of all persons for the common good of all. As shown in our Tip 368 of Daily Law Tips Series, you or your servants can arrest any person suspected of damaging your property.

Now, note that, you can also arrest any person suspected of damaging any public property. It is our common property for our common good and we can not allow any person or persons destroy such. Stop and Quit the “I don’t care” attitude of yours and arrest the people defacing, destroying, stealing or burning any public property, including office, building, park, installation, vehicles, flowers, lights, road furnitures and machines. Don’t wait for police or any security officer, if you can, please, arrest any persons damaging our public property and then hand them over to police/police station.

My authorities are sections 21, 22, 494 and 495 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 and other similar laws across States in Nigeria.


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