Written By Quasim Odunmbaku & Rotimi Akapo

The book, Nigerian Telecommunications Law and Regulation could not have come at a more auspicious time in the glorious journey of the Nigerian Telecommunications sector…

It is, to date, the most comprehensive effort to unravel the diverse and complex elements of the policy, legal and regulatory structures governing the contending interests, rights and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in Nigeria’s complex and dynamic telecommunications ecosystem.

…the authors’ unique blend of academic learning and multi-institutional/multi-national practitioner experience is fully leveraged to provide the reader with a comprehensive discussion of rights and obligations pertaining to practically every major aspect of the subject.

The insightful text which goes for twenty-five thousand naira [N25,000] only, with a free delivery attached to the book, has about 18 chapters and over 600 pages of expository content. It remains ‘a comprehensive book on the policy, legal and regulatory framework governing the Nigerian Telecommunication sector’.

I am impressed by their painstaking examination of policy/statutory/regulatory provisions, decided cases and industry practice throughout the book. Their attempts to project into the future on each topic is to be commended, and practitioners will particularly appreciate the “Practitioners Notes” and unique “Case in Point” segments through which contemporary legal and regulatory issues are addressed.

For more information or to pre-order your copies, please visit: Website: https:ntlr.com.ng/, E-mail: contactus@ntlr.com.ng, WhatsApp: 07056184412