The wife of the Chairman of NBA Asaba branch, Nkem Eruli-Ede Esq., has said that she never at any point frustrated the works of Awele Ideal as Treasurer.

Mrs. Eruli-Ede Esq made this statement while reacting to the allegation levelled by Awele Idea against her that she has been threatening her life.

Mrs. Eruli-Ede Esq thus gave an explanation of her own side of the story, thereby dismissing the claims of Awele Ideal.

TheNigerialawyer had on Saturday made a publication from the treasurer of the branch, Awele Ideal Eluaka, accusing Nkem and her husband, Freddie Eruliede, who is the branch Chairman of spending the branch money for his personal use without the general approval of the executive members.

Read below her unedited statement

My name is Nkem Eruli-Ede Esq. Member NBA Asaba branch. My attention has been drawn to some allegations raised by Awele Ideal Eluaka who just resigned her position as Treasurer of the branch. My response to her allegations;

1. I have never at any point frustrated Awele’s work as treasurer as am not in Exco with her.

2. What brought issues between us was because I expressed my disappointment and shock at her outburst in our monthly meeting protesting that the ongoing renovation of the Bar Center should stop when she has been praising the Engineer contracted to do the job for a very impressive job as a member of the monitoring team which I also belong to & she being a signatory to the cheque releasing the first payment of N15M to the Engineer to enable him commence the job without complaining about his selection as the contractor by the EXCO. Reason for the protest being that we should do a low quality job so that the money for the project can also be used to develop another land even after several engineers have advised that it is not possible because the building has a lot of structural defects.

3. I further asked her if her annoyance was because the chairman refused to share part of the said sum specifically N30M donated by Prince Ned Nwoko particularly for the renovation of our Bar Center because she has been pressing on the chairman to do so.

4. This resulted in exchange of words and I challenged her to give account of the money she collects monthly as dues because she has never done so.

5. I also told her that her allegation that one of our elders Chike Onyemenem SAN as chairman of LOC that hosted NBA NEC in 2012 shared money among members of the LOC, she being a member and 250k got to her as her share should not make her feel that every chairman must share money. These she has not denied.

6. We went on exchanging words and she started abusing my husband who is chairman of the branch. Then I told her that her disrespect for people and her ex husband ended her own marriage and I will not tolerate her disrespect for my husband as she has constantly done openly.

7. I also confronted her with the fact that she has been saying she knows the killers of our dear branch member late Kennedy Nwanshidi because she said they were in her office and complained he compromised their case so threatened to deal with him and soon after he was kidnapped and killed.

But she has refused to report to the relevant agencies carrying out investigation, rather has been abusing the chairman for listening to Security agencies who invited him on receiving a letter written by the chairman & secretary indicating the branch wanted to protest the kidnap & subsequent murder of the said Nwanshidi but advised we hold on with the protest in order not to jeopardise their investigation.

Chairman decided he will report to the general house where decision to protest was reached in the first place but Awele frowned at it that we shouldn’t listen to the security agencies telling us to hold on. While all these continued, some members of the branch intervened and I dropped the matter. Only to wake up to her online resignation and blackmail.

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