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You may be wondering why vehicle licenses come with stickers. You vehicle license is not to be kept in Pidgin hole or behind sunshades or under your armrest rather to be displayed on your car for anyone to see when in motion or parked. If your license has no sticky part, please improvise with gum or adhesive tapes.

Every vehicle owner, driver or person in charge or control of any vehicle must at all times when a vehicle is in use in public roads display the current vehicle license and always allow appropriate authority to examine such on demand. Below are how and where to display vehicle licenses on vehicles:
1. For motorcycles or trailers, display vehicle licenses in a visible position on the near side of the vehicle not more than 76.20 centimetres from the front of motorcycle or trailer.

2. For Motorcycles with side car, display vehicle license on the near side of the handle bar of the cycle or the near side of the side car.

3. For Vehicles with glass windscreen extending across the vehicle, vehicle license must be displayed to the near lower corner of the glass of the windscreen or any part that will make it visible at all times by daylight when moving or parked.

4. For other vehicles (the normal vehicles we use), vehicle licenses must be displayed on the near side of the vehicle facing the near side of the road and not less than 1 meter or more than 2 meters from the ground level and placed as near to the front seat as is practicable.

Note that when a vehicle license is displayed on or adjacent to the windscreen, the license shall be placed and carried in a way to make it very visible at all times by daylight to anyone standing at the near side of the vehicle, when stopped or in motion.

My authorities are regulations 26, 231 and 232 of the National Road Traffic Regulations, 2012.


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