*Calls On Lawyers to download the App on Google Play store and register
*Says 69 Cases Have Been Received Via The App From April 1 To Date

It is no longer news that thousands of Nigerians continue to languish in prison for minor offences while others are completely innocent of crime charged. 50% of inmates awaiting trial across Nigerian Correctional Centres are poor and cannot afford legal representation.

Headfort Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded in 2019 has been at the fore front of rendering probono legal service to indigent inmates in prison. In a bid to widen it vision for access to justice, the organisation has recently developed an App called “Lawyers NowNow” where Nigerians across the 36 state who fall victim of police brutality, extortion, harassment, and arbitrary arrest can access the service of a probono lawyer within one min.

The App immediately connects the user/victim to the lawyer nearest to him/her on the App. The lawyer gets the notification on his mobile wherever he is and immediately responds to the request of the victim. The App which is available on both IOS and Android makes it possible for anyone to make a request on behalf of another. So, where the victim cannot access a mobile phone, a friend, family, neighbour or even passer-by can make the request for a probono lawyer on behalf of the victim on the App.

Since the launch of this App on the 1st of April 2021, 69 cases have been reported and all are being attended to by the lawyers registered as volunteers on the App.

For lawyers across Nigeria who are ready and willing to render probono legal services, the “Lawyers NowNow” App is the place to be. The lawyers on the App have the opportunity of putting smiles on the faces of the poor, hopeless and condemned through their skill.

Lawyers should download the App on Appstore or Google Playstore, register on the App and further register as volunteers, within 24 to 48 hours, applications to volunteer will be verified and approved, then the journey to providing access to justice commences.

The insightful text which goes for twenty-five thousand naira [N25,000] only ( with free delivery throughout Nigeria for those who take advantage of the early bird offer ), has 18 chapters and over 600 pages of expository content. It is ‘a comprehensive book on the policy, legal and regulatory framework governing the Nigerian Telecommunication sector’.

For more information or to pre-order your copies, please visit: Website: https:ntlr.com.ng/, E-mail: contactus@ntlr.com.ng, WhatsApp: 07056184412