Law of Armed Conflict:  Principles and Concepts is a book that sets out to disseminate, promote and strengthen the knowledge of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) amongst students, scholars, legal practitioners, State and Non-State armed groups, media practitioners, and other groups interested in the protection of humanity during armed conflict.

As a consequence of the growing complexity of modern armed conflict, this book contains materials that espouse the elements of law which are geared towards the protection of victims of armed conflict. It also presents contemporary issues relating to IHL in a clear, concise, accessible, practical, and comprehensive manner.

The main goal of the book is to show that IHL remains relevant in contemporary practice and that it provides answers to armed conflict-related issues and challenges. Its distinctive style and format makes it the ideal everyday companion for anyone approaching IHL for the first time and who is interested in armed conflict-related issues.

As a result of the structure and contents of the book, a military reader will also find what will be of use to him. Importantly, students, scholars, legal practitioners and in fact, the general public in Nigeria will find knowledge and pleasure in the topics relating to the armed conflict in Northeast Nigeria and the degree of compliance with the rules and principles of the law of armed conflict.

The book has 30 Chapters and 802 pages with a bibliography and index.


Dr. Hagler Sunny Okorie, is an Associate Professor of Law, Notary Public and Justice of the Peace. He teaches law in the Faculty of Law, Abia State University, Umuahia Campus.

He has been researching on IHL since 2002 as both his LLM dissertation and Ph.D. thesis were in this area of the law. He has also been teaching the course for the past 15 years and has about 52 peer-reviewed and published articles in this area (both national and international).

In the course of his research and development, he has attended various international trainings and courses in this area as follows: All Africa Course on IHL (2008) held at Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Advanced Training Course in International Humanitarian Law for University Teachers (2010) held at Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Geneva Switzerland and Post-Graduate Course for Academics (2012) in San Remo in Italy.

Similarly, he attends annual seminars and workshops organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross for University lecturers teaching IHL in Nigerian Universities.

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