By Uwem Akpan Esq


As a simple man with an impressive resume’ he has a solid understanding of tractors, he holds the ace for a Strong and United Bar.


He has epitomised this phenomenal trait right from his days as a Young Lawyer who took over his father’s Law Firm and built it from the scratch to the Eldorado. He took to his knee and learnt the principles of hard work, a principle that has guided his life ever since.


The Mercurial Silk will readily agree with some things that tend to protect and promote the Rule Of Law, disagree with other things that go contrary to it. He belongs to no one, he is not adopted by anyone but by Nigerian Lawyers, which is the reason he will not be influenced. He is in form, and he is firm.


There is no fate worse than being continuously under guard, for it means you are always afraid. That is the reason NBA needs a man of integrity, he has nothing to scare him to submission or to compromise his drive for the needed reforms in NBA and the entrenchment of the Rule of Law in Nigeria.


The Learned Doctor of Laws is truly one of the Greatest Nigerian Lawyers this generation has produced, along with a few that came before and a couple that have come since. It is indeed a commendable that he has offered to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to NBA, especially at this volatile period of our professional history.


Our profession is bedeviled with myriads of challenges. Dr. Ajibade’s views on this war are clear: it is happening, it is happening in the NBA , and it will continue to happen until it stops and someone must come up to surmount the challenges. Someone genuine with zero tolerance for institutionalized corruption.


this is a man who has learnt on a personal level, what success and personal achievement mean. He is safeguarded against any challenge. Let the thunder roll and spread terror a hundred miles around, he remains composed and resolute. This is the spirit of leadership and this is what NBA desperately wants now.


So many other lawyers have made attempt to proffer solution to these mammoth task, We feel blessed to belong to a profession with so many ideas, however, the one realistic idea to follow is that of a man of proven integrity. He will get it done and put an end to all utopian theories.


The state of our perception by the public is bad. Every single day, the police brutalises, detains, and assaults a lawyer, our work, threaten by charlatans, our income goes up or down or stays the same. He intends to put a stop to these anomalies and create jobs where there are none, and where there are jobs, he will create internships.


It is evident that Dr. Ajibade has lived all his professional life in the Bar and has made outstanding contributions too, to its successes, equipping him with experience and making him the most qualified for the position of leadership.


By his profile, he has the needed international relationship to draw goodwill to the NBA. He has served the IBA in many capacities and attended conferences round the globe. In this era of Virtual Law Practice, you need a leader like Dr. Ajibade SAN.


This is not in dispute in any way. He has mentored so many Young Lawyers and has assisted them covertly in any way possible. Testimonies abound for this. With him on the saddle, Young Lawyers interest in the Profession will be protected.


Let us take decision that will make lawyers happy.

Let us take decision that will make lawyers healthy.

Let us take decision regarding improved welfare, insurance, and professional expansion.

And let us move boldly so that our Young Lawyers and generation of lawyers after us can look back and say, “I’m glad they moved boldly on this, this, and that.

With Babatunde Ajibade SAN, I am proud to have been a lawyer in Nigeria”.

Thank you.

Uwem Akpan Esq. Convener, New Wigs NIGERIA 2019.

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