Former Chairman Nigerian Bar Association  Ekpoma branch Osehon Irehovbude Esq., MCArb., has said that the  main  objective  of  the Nigerian  judicial  system  is  the  attainment  of  justice  for  all parties  involved  in  a  case  and  the  society  at  large. 

Speaking to TheNigerialawyer(TNL) on Tuesday, Osehon, said that the  Bar  and  the  Bench are  indispensable  partners  in  the  achievement  of  this  objective,  with  the judiciary  at  the  top  of  a  strong  and  vibrant  bar  and  complimented  by  it. 

According to him there  must  be  mutual  understanding  and  respect  between  the  partners. Each  partner  has  its  own  duties  which  if  faithfully  professionally,  diligently and  effectively  performed  will  enable  the  system  function  optimally.  Failure by  one  partner  to  perform  its  duty  will  naturally  affect  the  other. 

Thus  the principal  duty  of  both  the  Bench  and  the  Bar  is  to  work  diligently, effectively,  honestly  and  sincerely  towards  achieving  justice  in  the  polity. 

Speaking further, Osehon said that It is  a  duty  they  both  owe  the  society  primarily  and  each  other. If the  cases  coming  out  from  our courts  are  based  always  on  justice,  irrespective  of  the  interests  involved, the  Bar  will  feel  obligated  to  show  (and  to  promote  in  others)  respect  for the  dignity  of  judicial  office.  

Noting that where  the  judiciary  commands  no respect,  the  bar  will  equally  suffer. 

“The relationship that exists between the Bar and the bench in my opinion should be symbiotic and religiously guided if justice must be enthroned in our society.

“Mutual respect for both ends remains sacrosanct, for there is a temple of justice and there ministers as practitioners in the temple, both the bar and the bench are ministers in the hallowed temple.

“The primary goal is the attainment of justice. 

“It is for a vibrant and independent bar to provide the necessary support to sustain an independent, dependable and fearless bench.

“The relationship between both practitioners in the hallowed temple need not be characterized by tension, suspicion and rancour.

“It  is  surely  in  the  interest  of  both  the bar  and  the  bench  to  work  assiduously  and  with  mutual  respect  for  the protection  of  the  dignity  of  the  profession      for  the  enhancement  of  due administration  of  justice  in  the  polity,” he added.

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