By Stephen Peter Okangla

Let us stand up and fight and
Let it be no more that we will be
Enslave, caged, rape and dehumanize
In this area we are!

Come, let us clean our hearts and
Let it be no more that arm bearers
Will rule us while pen holders wallow
The street in penury and hunger
For excess of jobs and engagement!

Come let us gather together wearing
Our minds and special garments and let
It be no more that serpent will beat our
Drum and tortoise set the table for us!

Let us call our kinsmen together both
Those who wields the pen, those who
Wields the hoe and those who wields the
Forbidden rifle and let us summon our
Native Doctors and let us teach them the
Ways of the gods, so that it will be
No more that we will fight and desecrate the alter!

Come, let us put on our caps and
With one voice speak our mind, so that
Adamu, Yinka and Obinna will not be carefree when
Dealing with us, and let it be no more that
Our schools will be shut and market shutdown
While food lie barren in Aso and other stone Houses

Come, let us teach our Children to know
And walk the path of God, so that we can
Sleep tight and right, so that we can travel
Far with no fear, and let it be no more that they
Will listen to self-made gods!

Today let us come together with no fear
And favour, walk the path of our Creator
And let it be no more that our children
Will snatch sleep from us on Election Day,
So that Adamu, Yinka and Obinna will not suck
Us dry and make us cry! And if these be
No more shall misery be!

Written By Stephen Peter Okangla, (08132040369,

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