The NBA strongly condemns these dastardly killings and violations of human rights of citizens living in these communities. There can never be any justification for these carnage. The NBA calls the Federal Government of Nigeria as well as the Government of Kaduna State to intensify efforts in bringing these killings to an end and finding a lasting solution to this crisis. The NBA wishes to remind all authorities that security of lives and property is the primary purpose of government. Yet peace and security has continued to elude us and has remained a raging issue on the front burner of national discourse. While we commend the recent efforts of the Federal Government and the Kaduna State Government, in tackling the security challenges facing Southern Kaduna, we urge the governments to spare no efforts at restoring peace, security, law and order in the affected communities. The NBA supports security measures taken by the Federal Government. However, as in all theatres of conflict, we urge the security agencies to abide by their rules of engagement, which will ensure professionalism and respect for the fundamental rights of the citizens concerned and compliance with the rule of law. The NBA calls on the Federal Government to take all necessary steps to investigate the remote and immediate causes of the Southern Kaduna Crisis with a view to finding lasting solution and bringing the perpetrators to justice. We also enjoin the Government to compensate the victims of the crisis and ensure adequate care to displaced families and other victims. The Nigerian Bar Association expresses its sympathies to the victims of this crisis and calls on community leaders to encourage peaceful co-existence and religious tolerance among Nigerians living within and outside Kaduna State. We call on all parties to the crisis to eschew violence and hateful rhetoric that feed and fan embers of ethno-religious crisis in Nigeria. ]]>