The former Chairman of Human Rights Commission, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu has expressed his opinions on the just-concluded NBA National Elections.

This is contained in a statement issued by him which was sighted by TheNigeriaLawyer.

Meanwhile, while congratulating all the contestants who had put forth all efforts in the process, he said:

“On this morning, after the day before, it’s essential to thank all the colleagues who put themselves forward for the contest into leadership positions in #NBADecides2020. The campaign was spirited &, as with all campaigns, punishing.”

However, he described ECNBA as “unfit for purpose” noting that the electoral process was deeply flawed.

“The #ECNBA was, in my view, unfit for purpose. At all turns, it was tone-deaf at best or transparently on the wrong tarmac. The best that can be said about its capabilities, communication and outreach is that they were abysmally sub-par. That is kind too.

“The process was deeply, deeply flawed. Discovering that did not require any huge skills in rocket science.” He said.

Furthermore, he stated that the election was a “scandal” and some persons deliberately refused to complain until later in the day.

“The electoral roll was a scandal. The hide-and-seek was befitting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

“It’s unfortunate that rather than speak up about the flaws in the process at the time they arose, some folks chose to accommodate them, in the hope that their camp will benefit from the flaws. Now, the same people complain about what they deliberately chose to overlook. Principles should matter.” He said.

Besides, while alluding to the Chief Awomolo SAN’s controversial letter, he said:

“The sense of entitled arrogance communicated in Asiwaju Gboyega Awomolo, SAN’s communication galvanised clarity and resistance to the tendency he represented in his unfortunate epistle.

“So, in the end, the most popular candidate was announced as winner of the contest to lead the Association. That does not and should not make anyone blind to the flaws in the process.”

Also, he stated that the candidates and NBA do not deserve what the ECNBA served through the election.

“Neither the candidates nor the NBA deserves what this ECNBA served up as an electoral process. There is no way to minimise that point.”

However, he charged the new leadership to ensure that something better is brought forth, come 2022 NBA Elections.

“{It} would be worthwhile for the new leadership of the NBA to consider instituting a root and branch internal inquiry into leadership elections in the NBA and begin from its first day in office to prepare something seminally different and better in 2022.”

Besides, while describing the joyous moments of some Branches in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, he said:

“One more thing, the images from some of the branches last night were troubling.

“Amidst the euphoria of elections, many colleagues appear to have forgotten that we are in a virulent pandemic. They chose to abandon the discipline of the easy non-pharmaceutical mitigations that the season requires of us. It’s difficult to see how infections could not have been passed or contracted in the ensuing contact sport of merriment. Hopefully, we can remember to do better.”

“I wish us all luck. The new leadership will be in my prayers.” He added.

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