Mr. Aliyu Imuekemhe popularly known as “Mc. Person” has shared in a video, the qualities that make up a good Law Student.

This video is geared at enlightening the Law Students of what is expected of them. According to Mc. Person in the video, while speaking to the 100 Level Law Students, he said:

“Colleagues, how are you all doing?

You see, I want you all to know that what makes you good Law Student is not your ‘swaggalicious’ Black & White that you are brandishing about, neither is it your As & Bs in Legal Method.”

Furthermore, he stated that:

“What makes you a good Law Student is your ability to make yourself available for the Law to use, the ability for you to allow the Law radiates and speak through you, you must allow yourselves to be possessed by the Law, when a Student from the neighbouring Faculty around sees you, he should be able to see the Law living and dwelling in you.”

Meanwhile, when he was asked by one of the students:

It beats my imagination how one person in this Faculty can know all these kinds of Law, how do you manage to ‘drown’ yourself in this Law like this?

Reacting to the question, he said:

“Submissiveness to the will of Law. Total submissiveness to the Law. You must be submissive because, the Law is a jealous profession. I live for the Law and the Law lives for me, I live in the Law and the Law lives in me. I sleep and wake up with the Law and when I dream, I dream about the Law, I move and roll about the Law.

Furthermore, he continued:

“In my 100 and 200 Level days, I was living in the library I’ve been dating the Law from 100 Level to my 400 level, no girlfriend! You must give yourself away to the Law. While  students from Natural Science, Faculty of Natural Science see you, they are not interested in your As & Bs, they want to hear you talk real Law. Talk Law! So the question is, can you represent and deliver the Faculty of Law when the student of Faculty of Natural Science asks you to represent?”

Advising on the proper steps to take, he said:

So, I tell you gentlemen, you must learn to master the art of the Law and the best way  to learn the Law  is to talk the Law after learning the Law.

So I say : colleagues, YOU  MUST TAKE MOOT COURT & CHAMBER ACTIVITIES PERSONAL !!! As personal as your 5 units course.

Finally, he said a good Law Student is not one who knows all the Laws thus:

So, above all know that a good Law Student is not the Student that knows all the Laws. A good Law Student is the Student that knows where to find the Law. So, I ask you: gentlemen, do you know where to find the Law?

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