The House, as well as the Senate, will reconvene tomorrow, Tuesday, after a lengthy recess that started on July 21. Supporters of the Speaker however are also preparing to block any move against Mr. Dogara, who is accused of budget fraud. Mr. Dogara’s backers are expected to give him a standing ovation at the end of his speech opening the new session. Allegations of budget fraud and abuse of office, which became known as budget padding scandal, were leveled against Mr. Dogara and some other lawmakers by Abdulmumin Jibrin, who was removed as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee shortly before the house went on the recess. Mr. Dogara denied the allegations. In the wake of the allegations, some members formed the Transparency Group and called for the prosecution of the Speaker and other accused persons. A key member of the group, who asked not to be named, told our reporter ahead of Tuesday’s resumption that efforts were on to mobilise lawmakers against Mr. Dogara. “But we have not concluded,” the source said, revealing that the vote of no confidence agenda was being considered. He said they would decide later tonight whether to go ahead with the agenda. “It Won’t Happen” However, a source in the leadership of the House said the agenda to would not materialise. “While they are planning (the vote of no confidence), others are planning to pass vote of confidence in the leadership of the House,” the source said. “I want you to know that after the prayer, first thing tomorrow is the Speaker’s speech. In the speech, he will welcome everybody and address all the issues and the allegations. Then, his supporters will rise to give him standing ovation, which will be followed by a vote of no confidence. “So, I doubt if those planning vote of confidence will still go ahead.”]]>