By F. C. S. Onyimah, Esq.

The Almighty God has always ruled and had His ways in the affairs of men. God’s reign in the affairs of men also finds expression in politics, particularly the politics of Rivers State. I think God Himself might be a Rivers man. It is little wonder that the saying “power comes from God” was popularized by Rivers politicians, beginning with the General himself and Grand Maestro of the politics of Rivers State, H. E. Sir (Dr.) Peter Odili.

One of the most identifiable differences between former Gov. Odili and other former governors that reigned after him is his political maturity and foresightedness in knowing when the game is up for a politician, or when to stop, in utmost surrender to the will of the Almighty God.

Whenever God wants to assert His overwhelming authority, supremacy and will in the affairs of men (especially as we have witnessed in the Game of Thrones at the Brick House since 1999), he uses men to achieve His divine designs.

However, one major characteristics of such designs is that most times, the characters and dramatis personae through whom God manifests His will usually do not know, understand or foresee the actual outcome of their actions and enterprises. They would think they are working for themselves, not knowing that they are only doing God’s bidding.

They are blinded by the illusion of the imagined and perceived outcomes of their actions and schemes, to the extent that they will defy all sound and wise counsel in their favours, in order to effectively orchestrate their own downfall and sing their nunc dimitis.

Again whenever God wants to humble a wild and despotic leader, or when a tyrant’s end is come, especially by divine sanction, God first begins by making him so powerful, all-knowing, despotic, but then selfish, foolish and uncontrollable, so that by his own strength, folly and errors of judgement, he works diligently to his own catastrophic destruction and perdition.

The above phenomenon has become a characteristics of politics of Rivers State, especially after the glorious reign of Sir (Dr.) Peter Odili, the doyen of Rivers politics, who understands that in order to remain relevant to power after the taste of it, you must first let go of it, so that it will on its own motion, return to your beckon.

Now back to Fubara, Wike and the analogy of Jonah and the Big Fish. There was probably no way Sir Siminalayi Fubara, a mere civil servant in the Rivers State civil service or even as the Accountant-General of Rivers State, could have dreamed of becoming the governor of Rivers State in 2023 on his own personal ambition. Infact, he would dare not. Even if he dreamed of it, that dream could have at best, died in the belly of the thought.

But because Fubara is the only person whom God has willed and designed to become the governor of Rivers State at this point in time against all the known odds that could have naturally made it impossible for him, He confounded Wike to believe that Sir Siminalayi Fubara is the only young man in this planet, loyal to him to the extent, that he will not just accept but will also play dutifully to the end, the role of a place-holder governor for him (Wike), and through whom he (Wike) would still remain the defacto governor of Rivers State after May 29, 2023.

And that was why as far as Wike was concerned, it was only Sir Fubara or no one else that would “succeed” him in office as “governor”. However, it would appear that by Wike’s design, Sir Fubara was not supposed to be a successor but a mere veil with which Daddy Whiskey would continue to do “projects” upon “projects” for the good people of Rivers State.

But God had His own agenda with Siminalayi Fubara. As recorded in the book of Jonah Chapters 1 and 2, God had willed that Jonah must go to Nineveh to do His works, but Jonah would never go to Nineveh on his own. Because the word of God must come to pass in the lives of both Jonah and the Ninevians, the Big Fish must therefore take Jonah to the land of Nineveh, even though the Big Fish would not know what it was doing, or what it had swallowed.

So from the foregoing analogy, Siminalayi Fubara (and all the ideas of good governance that he comes with) represents Jonah. Wike represents the big fish while Rivers State or the Brick House represents Nineveh.

However, it appears that the only wahala of difference here is that whereas, in Jonah 2:10, immediately God spoke to it, the big fish listened and obeyed God, by vomiting Jonah and letting him go to Nineveh, while it (the big fish) peaceably went its own way and dey its dey. But in the case of Wike, he seems not to have completely listened to God. Yes, he may have vomited the Jonah by bringing Fubara to the Brick House or supported him to become the governor of Rivers State on 29th May, 2023 according to the will of God, but he has refused to let him (the Jonah, Fubara) go, to do the works God has brought him to do in Nineveh (the Brick House and Rivers State).

And so I appeal to former governor Wike to realize that perhaps he has already played the role (in the affairs of governance of Rivers State) assigned to him by the Almighty God Himself (through whom power comes), which role assisted Fubara to become the governor of Rivers State today.

Therefore, Wike should immediately discern the handwriting of God the alpha and omega in all of these. Allow God to take all the glory for what He has done through him. He should not attempt to share God’s glory with Him. He should stop this his demands for instant appreciation, glorification, deification, and or gratification for what God merely used him to accomplish.

We recall when Wike told us how Dr. Odili taught him how to govern and succeed as governor of Rivers State in 2015, which tutorials he religiously penned down in his diary. That means that Dr. Odili is, or was his political teacher.

Perhaps, it is time for Wike to again, go back to his erstwhile teacher and master Dr. Odili, and also learn how to stay out of power and how to let go of the power he once exercised.

This is my candid but humble advice.

F. C. S. Onyimah, Esq.
Port Harcourt.

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