Ubani made the appeal on Saturday during the launch of his foundation, Onyekachi Ubani Foundation in Lagos Ubani said that the society will continue to breed miscreants if those who are wealthy do not come to the assistant to the poor and less privileged. “The consequences of not being our Brother’s Keeper is what bred Boko Haram; it is currently breeding other societal miscreants all over the place. God knows what else, what next, where else, when next the next terror will hit us. The danger is growing within; it is drawing nearer and nearer to our door step, just as the storm gathers. ”The Good news is that we can avert the next crisis, contain and correct the current crisis today. All we need to do is to extend a hand of help with a heart of love, however little, to that next door neighbor, or stranger seeking your assistance,” he said. Ubani noted that he has been in the daily struggled to help the poor in the society but that there is a limit to how many people he can help with his limited resources. “There is a limit to how many Nigerians a Good Samaritan with limited resources can help, but I am convinced that if I get your support in your capacity as an empowered Nigerian, together we can create a system that will lift majority of Nigerians, young and old, out of poverty and hunger. It takes just a little more creative thinking and brainstorming to build that enabling structure outside of the box. “This is why I have come out to appeal for your support on the platform of the Onyekachi Ubani Foundation to help save millions of Nigerians out of the indignity of want, lack, hunger and deprivation,” he said. Ubani stated that his foundation has laid out plans and projects contained in its founding document which includes; Youth Literacy Initiative, Youth Creativity and Media Forum, Men of Standard and Women of Substance. In a keynote address, General Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, said that the Nigerian society promotes corruption through a warped expectation and demand culture. The Pastor who was represented by Mr Segun Oloketuyi, the Managing Director of Wema Bank Plc said: “The society further corrupts the system through a warped expectation and demand culture. “A constituency that expects monetary handouts as support during elections in place of laws that facilitate good governance, has already created an atmosphere for corruption and ineptitude where the power of recall for poor performance is never activated. “The corruption problem in the Nigerian system is a people and expectation problem. It is created through the supply of people of questionable character to the political decision-making system from the citizenry.” Bakare, in his address, blamed the corrupt expectation and demand culture as the main cause for the attitude of impunity of corrupt individuals. Bakare, however, noted that Nigerians are not essentially corrupt by giving instances of the airport cleaner who found and returned N12million to its rightful owner and President Muhammadu Buhari’s public declaration to be incorruptible which has been unchallenged. He also cited examples of Nigerians who have rejected mouth-watering morally bankrupt pecuniary offers. Earlier, during his address of welcome, President Muhammadu Buhari commended the vision of the foundation. Speaking through his spokesperson, Mr Femi Adeshina, President Buhari said “It is significant that the foundation is dedicated to helping the poor and needy in the society and also to celebrate those who made our country proud with virtuous acts.” Commending the keynote address of Bakare, the President said “I am very pleased that the foundation launch will be marked by a public lecture, which topic focuses on one of the things dearest to the heart of this administration which is the anti-corruption war.]]>