Stand Up for Someone’s Right Initiative-with the acronym and herein after referred to as SUSOR initiative- is a Non-Governmental Organisation- herein after referred to as NGO- which has emerged of recent.

The name has been approved for registration purposes by the Corporate Affairs Commission-herein after referred to as CAC. Trustees have been appointed to register the said name with the CAC in compliance with the law. Publication is already made in public circulation in two daily national newspapers. The SUSOR Initiative is an initiative (chaired by me, my humble self) as an initiative for societal reform. This paper is aimed at some highlights of the emergence of this unique agenda for societal reform.

First and foremost, it is important to consider the background leading to the desire to establish this SUSOR Initiative. Upon my discovery that I have actually been divinely chosen to be a human and socioeconomic rights activist by God Almighty, for the past two years, I have been trying all means to get a name reserved for the purpose of delivering the message and championing the cause that I have been sent or asked to deliver by God to humanity. I tried, placed several names of more than twenty-five (25) names for reservation (while engaging in serious prayers and God’s guidance) but all to no avail. Then, of recent, in the course of my research on a live television station presentation that I had to deliver on a topic about two weeks ago, I came across a United Nations’ Human Rights Office’s Campaign which commenced in December of the year 2017 to 2018, with the theme ‘STAND UP FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHTS’ CAMPAIGN. This beautiful idea struck my mind that how do I also stand up for someone’s rights, in order to support this glorious campaign?! Then the idea of establishing the SUSOR Initiative came about and the next day, I placed the name for reservation with the name ‘STAND UP FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHT INITIATIVE’ and the name was approved and reserved by CAC the following day! It was a great joy and fulfillment for me! I was very happy and then I knew that the ‘task’ has just begun! This is to say that this Initiative is an offshoot of the United Nations’ Human Rights Office’s Campaign which commenced in December of the year 2017 to 2018, with the theme ‘STAND UP FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHTS’ CAMPAIGN! I believe and agree that standing up for human rights of others begins with me, so do we the trustees of the SUSOR Initiative believe, hence, the emergence of the SUSOR Initiative!

What was the UN Campaign all about? The UNA-USA and the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) had partnered to promote the new “Stand Up for Someone’s Rights” campaign and the 70th Anniversary of the adoption of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The goal of the partnership is to empower a new generation of people to creatively amplify what they do in their daily lives to defend human rights, engage their decision makers on human rights, as well as to promote, engage, and reflect on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The “Stand Up for Someone’s Rights” campaign is inspired by former First Lady and UNA-USA trailblazer Eleanor Roosevelt and her famous observation: “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home.” Launched by the UN Human Rights Office, the campaign is a reminder that human rights “start with each of us” and our communities standing together against intolerance, injustice, and discrimination. At its heart “Stand Up” seeks to raise awareness about the essential role of human rights in people’s everyday lives, and encourages people to support the human rights of others, in their communities and with their decision makers.  In doing so, says the UN Human Rights Office, “local actions can add up to a global movement.” December 2017 will also kickoff a year-long campaign celebrating and honoring the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights culminating on International Human Rights Day in 2018”.

Under the proposed Constitution of the ‘STAND UP FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHT INITIATIVE’, the preamble has confirmed the goals of the Initiative as follows We the members of ‘STAND UP FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHT INITIATIVE’ realize and recognize the importance of the rights of man as inalienable gifts from God-Almighty to humanity and the protection, preservation and promotion of these inalienable rights of every man without any discrimination on account of sex or on any other ground whatsoever, especially for all individuals in the nation-Nigeria- which is a necessary goal for every society, community or nation to attain, especially for the indigents and the less-privileged members of the community, bearing in mind that the finality of justice lies in God-Almighty.

We pray to God-Almighty to continue to help, support, bless and favour us with a leadership that will continue to carry on the aims and objectives of this Association with utmost dedication and optimism.

It is in line with the above aspirations that we the members, having firmly and solemnly resolved to carry-out the aims and objectives of this Association and to provide for a Constitution that will effectively regulate the Association’s businesses and its members from time to time, do hereby make, enact and give to ourselves, the following Constitution:’.

Furthermore, the objects (or aims and objectives) of the SUSOR Initiative are

  1. Promotion of the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights, human rights, socio-economic rights and people’s rights (both within Nigeria and internationally);
  2. Propagating the call for the performance of the civic duties by the entire Nigerian citizenry;
  3. Supporting the government in the fight against corruption and ensuring transparency and accountability of government and private individuals;
  4. Contribution to and improvement of the court system and the system of administration of justice, its procedures and the arrangement of justice, its procedures, e.t.c.;
  5. Establishment, maintenance and operation of a system of prompt and efficient legal aid and assistance for those in need but who are unable to afford same;
  6. The engagement in activities calculated to enhance the financial, social, welfare, security, educational and economic well-being of the Nigerian communities and the Nigerian citizenry;
  7. Establishment of schemes for the promotion of the alleviation of poverty among Nigerian citizenry;
  8. Liaising with persons, bodies, firms, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private and Government establishments (both local and international) for the advancement and promotion of these objects;
  9. Carrying out any other function(s) incidental and or necessary for the realisation of the above aims and objects.

It must also be noted that the SUSOR Initiative has commenced operations pursuant to the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters’ Act, 2004, in section 590, which only provides for the registration of the trustees and not operation of the Association or organization itself. Meaning that an organization or association can exist and operate without legal personality than the legal personality of its executives until it is fully registered in compliance with the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters’ Act, 2004 or any such amended thereby in force. Therefore, upon the full registration of the SUSOR Initiative, the trustees which include my humble self, shall become ‘Incorporated Trustees of Stand Up for Someone’s Right Initiative’!

Furthermore, upon registration, the Incorporated Trustees of ‘STAND UP FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHT INITIATIVE’ shall call for volunteering from any volunteer among professionals and other members of the society in order to effectively champion its objects.

Finally, it is with good heart, joy and appreciation to God Almighty for this success that I humbly introduce to you and to the societies as a whole ‘STAND UP FOR SOMEON’ES RIGHT INITIATIVE’ as an emerged unique agenda for societal reform! Your prayers, support, finance and kind are also important to us as we humbly solicit same! God bless us and you all!


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