Corporate Finance is all about looking at a company, not through the eyes of its lenders, nor through the eyes of its shareholders, but through the eyes of the individuals who are responsible for the company’s management. According to Lere Fashola, Founder of the ESQ Practical Lawyers Academy, this intensive course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the different components of corporate finance.

This course embraces the areas addressed by the following questions (among many others): In what business areas shall we direct our growth? Shall that growth be through organic investment or by acquisition? What analytical processes will guide the implementation of individual components of the strategy? Shall the business units be controlled from the centre, or shall management be delegated? How shall we manage exposures to such volatilities as commodities, interest and foreign exchange? Shall we fund the enterprise with aggressive levels of debt, or with conservatism? Should we issue publicly traded instruments or err towards private placements? How will we square conflicts between accounting impacts and economic/cashflow/value objectives? What performance measures will be prioritised in designing and implementing corporate strategy?

Lere Fashola stated further that this ultimate learning resource is for those in the industry looking to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of corporate finance.

What you will learn

–         A solid and practical understanding of the essential difference between price and value

–         The crucial importance of cashflow volatility

–         The central role of Free Cash Flow (FCF)

–         The limitations of accounting in value metrics

–         The Pricing of Risk

–         A solid and practical understanding of the correct calculation of IRRs

–         The errors that are frequently encountered in valuation analyses

–         The steps involved in setting up a pricing model

–         A solid and practical understanding of adapting valuation approaches to different practical circumstances;

–         Evaluating management performance with the EVA analytical approach;

–         Formulating corporate strategy

–      A solid and practical understanding of the importance of planning a model based on its objective

–         The different types of corporate finance modelling and how it effects its implementation

–        A solid and practical understanding of the regulatory issues pertaining to the acquisition of companies

–         Financing options for the transaction

–         Due diligence

–         Negotiating the Sales & Purchase Agreement

–         A solid and practical understanding of the implications of a contested acquisition

–         The timetable, the prohibitions, and the mandatory steps

Date: 17th May, 2021 – 20th May, 2021
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm daily

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