Rahama has not only defied the court, the police and her father, she is waging a desperate and bitter war on the social media against the son of former military president Ibrahim Babangida. But like the bird that flew too close to the sun, Rahama’s bid to whip up sentiments in the matter appears to have backfired as she now seems to be losing the sympathy of the few people that had stood by her in the matter. Though a competent court has granted Mohammed Babangida’s prayer to take custody of the children, Maryam (10), Fatima (9), Ibrahim (7) and Mohammed (5), efforts to enforce the judgment have met a brick wall as their mother has employed different tactics to ensure the kids remain with her. Having allegedly ignored her father’s counsel that she should hand over the children to their father, Rahama has so far succeeded in holding on to them. But reliable sources say the police may be left with no choice but to arrest her for disobeying court judgment and obstructing them in the performance of their duties.]]>