Law practice can certainly be considered as a business, as it involves providing legal services to clients for a fee, and managing the operations and finances of the law firm. In fact, many law firms operate as businesses, with an emphasis on profitability and growth.

To succeed as a law firm business, it’s important to have a clear business plan that includes goals, strategies, and tactics for attracting and retaining clients, managing finances, and growing the firm. This plan should take into account factors such as the legal market, competition, and regulatory requirements.

Effective marketing and branding are also important for building a successful law firm business. This includes developing a strong online presence through a professional website and social media, as well as creating a strong brand identity that differentiates the firm from its competitors.

In addition, managing the finances of a law firm requires attention to detail and a good understanding of accounting principles. This includes managing cash flow, controlling expenses, and ensuring that the firm is profitable.

Law Practice as a Business by Stephen Azubuike (published by University of Lagos Press in February 2023) discusses a critical aspect of law-practice business—the business of making money in legal practice. It shares some of the vital business strategies and distinct ideas peculiar to the legal industry. The ideas are presented with the clarity of thought and simplicity of language. Hopefully, this keeps you relaxed while activating your logical and innovative thinking mind.

In addition to Stephen’s knowledge and personal experience, the fundamental business aspects of legal practice discussed in this book also draw from the ideas of well-accomplished legal practitioners and scholars, locally and internationally. Therefore, some of the opinions expressed in the book are authoritative. The ideas are not only authoritative but realistic, with proven degrees of success. The book is meant to be a source of information, inspiration, and motivation for all categories of lawyers—especially young lawyers—as well as law students and the lay-in law, including people in service-based businesses.

The book is exquisitely designed in a classic thick back form to appetize the readers’ study desires.

Law Practice as a Business is N7,000 (Seven Thousand Naira) only per copy, excluding delivery cost. To grab a copy or more for yourself and your learned friends, kindly make payment to any of the following account details:

Stephen’s Books Ltd


Azubuike Stephen Ifeanyi

You can share evidence of payment via email ( or WhatsApp (+2348063868497) and provide your delivery address. You can also purchase the book at the online store,

NB: Law Practice as a Business is also available for bulk purchase and is deliverable to all locations. To place requests, please email You can also reach Stephen via call/WhatsApp on +2348063868497.

The book is also available in Lagos and Abuja at the following locations:

  1. Ikeja Bar Centre, Lagos High Court, Ikeja Division. Contact Queen – 08035318983
  2. Udom book stand, Federal High Court, Ikoyi. 08066482295
  3. Infusion Lawyers, Vibranium Valley, 42, Local Airport Road, Ikeja. 08063868497
  4. Alex, Federal High Court, Abuja, 08035991379.
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