He added that the CBN had set up an inter-bank foreign exchange market, where anyone who wishes to buy foreign exchange could bid for and buy through their banks. “It is not true that CBN allocates dollars. There is nowhere in the world that the Central Bank sits by and allows vicious speculators to solely distort the value of its currency endlessly. “All central banks intervene to buy or sell in the market to ensure that the local currency is protected from dubious attacks,” Okoroafor said. He said the channels for advice and contribution of ideas on the present economic situation by all patriotic Nigerians were open. Okoroafor noted that the seed of the nation’s economic crisis was planted by the action of those who occupied public office in the past but failed to act in the long term interest of the Nigerian economy. He said it was easy for people to criticise from outside when they were already out of office.]]>