*To Disqualify Candidates Engaging In Subtle Online Campaigns

The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has issued a strong warning to prospective candidates and their supporters against engaging in any form of campaigning for the upcoming 2024 NBA elections until officially permitted.

In a notice released on April 1, 2024, the ECNBA emphasized that any violation of the campaign guidelines set forth in the NBA Constitution will result in disqualification from the elections.

According to the notice, campaign materials, gifts, and souvenirs are strictly prohibited until the ECNBA officially declares the campaign period open. The committee also cautioned against subtle online posts and messages with campaign themes and innuendos, urging all stakeholders to desist from such activities immediately.

The ECNBA stated that members who submit nomination forms by the April 5, 2024 deadline automatically become prospective candidates and are subject to the committee’s full authority. The notice warned that any prospective candidate who violates the campaign rules will face disqualification.

The committee further clarified that until campaigns are officially opened and the limited scope is defined by the ECNBA, no prospective candidate or their supporters are allowed to post, issue, print, publish, or display any campaign material or embark on campaign visits under any guise. The ECNBA emphasized that evidence of such infractions will lead to immediate disqualification from participating in the elections.

The notice, signed by the ECNBA Chairman, Oluseun Abimbola SAN, and Secretary, Huwaila Muhammad Ibrahim, underscores the committee’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process in line with the NBA Constitution and relevant guidelines.


As the nomination process for the 2024 NBA elections continues, prospective candidates and their supporters are advised to adhere strictly to the ECNBA’s directives to avoid disqualification and maintain the integrity of the electoral process.

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