General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has said the challenges confronting Nigeria in some areas are getting worse.

He spoke yesterday when he visited the Governor of Kaduna State Uba Sani.

Adeboye said these problems were more than political and required spiritual solutions.

The eminent cleric said the political leaders appeared to have tried their best, yet the problems have persisted, therefore, Nigeria needs the help of God and it needs the help urgently.

Adeboye, who said he was in Kaduna to pray for the people and give them hope, expressed confidence that though the problems seem to have persisted and in some areas are getting worse, he trusts in God that the problems will not last forever and they will even be over sooner than later.

He also said his tour of Nigeria, which has brought him to Kaduna, was not just to organise crusades and pray for the people and Nigeria, but an opportunity to gather people to let them know that tomorrow is going to be alright if Nigerians can be a little more patient with God.

Adeboye said, “We as a country are blessed; we are blessed with people with great intelligence, we are blessed with all manner of resources and yet we have so many problems.

“And it is not as if people in authority are not trying their best; they are doing as much as humanly possible. And then we found out that when you have problems that are beyond human ability to solve them, then, you call on the Almighty. The reason we call Him Almighty is because He has the power to solve all problems.

“So, we have been going round in our own little ways to support the efforts of all the various governments and parastatals to call on the Almighty to come to our aid, because we need help. We need help and we need it urgently.

“Because, as much as our leaders are doing their very best to help us solve our problems, the problems seem to have persisted and in some areas the problems seem to be getting worse. But we trust in Almighty God that these problems will not last forever. We trust God that the problem will even be over sooner than later”

“We have had quite a few examples of people driving in Lagos to the long bridge and jumping into the lagoons. Those of them that were rescued before they drowned said they couldn’t see a future, but we keep on assuring them God is on His throne and he is not going to forsake our nation,” Pastor Adeboye said.

In his response, Governor Uba Sani who eulogised Pastor Adeboye, highlighted his numerous contributions to Nigeria.

He said the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led government needs prayers and support from clerics such as Adeboye to succeed.

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