I am Resolved to lead a movement against anyone.. Mr. Silas Joseph Mr. Silas Joseph Onu, the past Publicity Secretary NBA (Unity Bar) has addressed a memorandum to the Chairman of the Constitution Review Committee of the NBA. The memorandum which is a direct response to the Call for memorandum published by the Committee in a move to review the Constitution contains a contribution which he tags, ”THE 2015 CONSTITUTION OF THE NBA CANNOT BE AMENDED BY AN EXTRA-ORDINARY MEETING”. Mr. Silas in his contribution cited S. 20 (1) of the NBA Constitution which inter alia provides that the Constitution can only be amended by 2/3 of those present in an Annual General Meeting (AGM) who are entitled to vote and also representing 2/3 of members of the branches of the NBA represented. Citing Article 22 of the Uniform Bye Law of the NBA Constitution, he distinguished the procedure of amending the Uniform Bye Law which provides for an alternative of Ex-Ordinary General Meeting aside the Annual General Meeting procedure through which an amendment can be made as against the NBA Constitution which amendment procedure recognizes only an Annual General Meeting. Mr. Silas therefore warned that the right procedure be employed. According to him: ”The desperate desire of the NBA president to amend this Constitution cannot be attained unless at the next AGM during which he will also be handing over to a new president. For now we must proceed with what we have, until the BAR amends its constitution. We do not operate a dictatorship where one person decides the future of everyone.” Mr. Silas further warned that if due process is not followed, he is resolved to lead a movement against anyone who is resolute on ”Unlawfully Changing” the Constitution to his personal gain. Mr. Silas, in commending the Committee for its act of selfless service however stated his disappointment for removal of Prof. Chidi Odinkalu in the inauguration of the Committee despite being mentioned at the 2017 NBA AGM as a member of the Committee.]]>

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