The Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) Nasarawa State Branch has strongly denounced allegations made by Innocence Maji.Esq who claimed that magistrates in the state are being intimidated. JUSUN Chairman, Comrade Jimoh Musa Alonge, described the allegations as a calculated attempt to tarnish the image of the Chief Judge of Nasarawa State.

In a statement released by JUSUN, Comrade Alonge challenged Maji.Esq to name the individuals allegedly intimidating magistrates and the so-called “cabals” within JUSUN mentioned in his statement. He also demanded that Maji.Esq identify the specific magistrates who were purportedly forced to change their judgments.

Comrade Alonge called upon the Chief Judge of Nasarawa State to urgently institute a panel of inquiry to investigate the veracity of the claims made by Maji.Esq He emphasized that JUSUN does not believe any such cabals exist within the Nasarawa State Judiciary, particularly under the current administration.

The statement read, “We therefore call on him to be bold by coming out to mention who and who are involved because to our knowledge, there never exist any cabals in Nasarawa State Judiciary most especially in this current administration.”

JUSUN expressed difficulty in directly responding to Maji.Esq due to the lack of a definite contact address or chambers provided by him. They suspect that he may be sponsored to make these allegations in an attempt to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of the Chief Judge of Nasarawa State, who they believe is working tirelessly to reposition the state’s judiciary.

Comrade Alonge concluded by urging Maji.Esq to either come forward and identify those affected by his claims or face the possibility of being exposed as being sponsored to carry out these actions. JUSUN remains committed to upholding the integrity and independence of the Nasarawa State Judiciary.

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