Recall on Saturday Thenigerialawyer published a story of Heerilynn Ibezim : Tilted :Infringement of my Fundamental Human Rights by the DG, Nigerian Law School & the Secretary, Council of Legal Education – Ibezim

Read Below Statement Released From Lawshool

The attention of the Nigerian Law School has been drawn to a write up on social media by one Henrilynn Ibezim, an ex-student of the institution. It is not the practice of the Nigerian Law School as an institution to join issues with any writer who has chosen to pursue official matters on social media. But in this case; and to put the records straight in the interest of the public, the facts as they relate to Mr.Ibezim are narrated below.

He was a candidate who was successful at the Bar Final Examinations of August 2014. He along with other eligible candidates were subsequently screened for Call to the Bar in November 2014. However, while the screening exercise was on going, a man (who was later identified as a car wash operator, opposite the Nigerian Law School, Bwari premises),was found distributing computer printed notices to other prospective candidates, to the effect that those who needed extra invitation cards for the ceremonies should call an indicated number for procurement.

When he was quizzed by a Nigerian Law School Security Officer on how he came about the notice, he responded that Mr.Henrilynn Ibezim, a prospective candidate for Call to the Bar ceremony, had sent him to distribute the notice. He was then instructed to call Mr. Ibezim on telephone and inform him that he had found some interested buyers, whom he should meet near the School gate. He did put the call through and soon thereafter, Mr. Ibezim drove to where he was, believing that he had secured some prospective ‘customers’. On arrival, he opened the boot of his vehicle and packs of forged Call to the Bar invitation cards, identical to the cards being officially issued to candidates, were found therein. Both of them were handed over to the police as required by law.
The Body of Benchers (BOB),Nigeria, is the the statutory body charged with the responsibility for the Call and admission of eligible persons to the Bar. As a prerequisite for Call, the BOB screens every candidate to determine their suitability. As required of the Nigerian Law School by the BOB, a report of the incident involving Mr Ibezim was made to the Screening Committee of the body. After due consideration, the Body of Benchers decided that the Call to the Bar of Mr Ibezim should be put on hold, pending the determination of the allegation against him.

Sometime in June 2016, the Nigerian Law school received a letter from a law firm, forwarding the judgement of a Magistrate court discharging and acquitting Mr Ibezim of the offense charged. He further demanded the release of his Call to the Bar certificate. Not having been Called to the Bar, and since he is yet to be issued with a Call to the Bar certificate by the Honourable Body of Benchers, there was no certificate to release. The letter was received after the closure of the screening exercise for the July 2016 Call to the Bar ceremonies, hence it could not be presented to the BOB. His case was consequently scheduled for presentation to the Screening Committee of the Body of Benchers, for consideration at the next screening exercise in November.

The Nigerian Law School trains and graduates thousands of students each year for Call to the Nigerian Bar. The management of the School did not deny Mr. Ibezim of his Call to the Bar or the certificate thereon. His unexpected involvement, being a student at the penultimate stage of being admitted to the Nigerian Bar, in invitation cards scam was the basis. As noted before, the matter was promptly reported to the Police, who proceeded with it accordingly. It is worthy of note that the School and its functionaries were not privy to the proceedings, the judgement of which was sent in by Mr. Ibezim’s Lawyer. It is certainly not the doing of any staff of the School that Mr Ibezim got himself entangled in the situation he has found himself

Chinedu Ukekwe
Head, Information and Protocol.

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  1. The Nigeran Law School Still has intergrity.The young man should not blackmail this Noble institution.