The Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) has disclosed that it is set to demolish estates built along the Abuja airport road where Federal Government plans to construct a centenary village, According to Bridge News reports on 3rd day of March, 2020.

The council has also warned developers whose estates have been marked for demolition to desist from changing the names of such estates in order to avoid demolition. This decision of the council is said to bring to halt the long wait by developers who await the intervention of the National Assembly on the matter.

The council argues that documents were forged by the estate developers to lay claim to the ownership of the estates whilst the latter insist with vehemence that the documents were issued by appropriate authorities.

Mr. Yahaya Yusuf, Head of the Development Control Department of the council, said the estates are located along the Abuja airport road and have already been earmarked for the building of the centenary village in view of Nigeria’s celebration of 100 years of existence.

“Most of the estates were wrongly built on an area set aside for the centenary village. This was made clear from day one that people should not embark on illegal construction of estates in unapproved areas.

“Most of them (developers) proceeded to develop. We are also warning owners of such estates who are going ahead to change their names in order to avoid demolition. We know the names and where they are located.

“Some are still advertising non-existent housing estates where they take people to the bush and tell them that the estate will be developed here. The purpose is to swindle them and we are also warning the public to be wary of these characters”, he said.

Mr Atebeji Nathaniel, the Assistant Director, Monitoring and Enforcement Department of the council said that the proposed demolition include illegal estates like Ejima Group Estate, Redwood Bidmusdruhill, Joafra, Efficacy Home, Bg8 Golden Tulip, the Light City and Greenland Estate.

Others include Matovinco Estate, Stone Mountain Homes, Lento Estate, RCCG Estate (site a, b, c and d), Rainbow, Annes Vile, Goldcity, Krista Court 1 Residential, Goshen 1 and 2, M/S Ray Inter Link Services.

Also in the list are Good Heart Group, Osilama, NEPA Cooperatives, Trade More, Doctors Court, Royalty, Civil Defence/Defenders, Rissun Luxury, Maziyagbe and Ozo, Pent House, Weather Field, Andican Hebron/Delta, Ese Global, Detahan and Jimsurve Estate.

Furthermore, he said the demolition is being delayed because the matter is already in court and having regards to the intervention of the National Assembly.

“Therefore, we are waiting for court’s verdict.’’

“We know that the verdict will be in our favour because the developers built on illegal land and some with fake documents.

“We have made it clear to the public to desist from buying houses in the new estates springing up along the Abuja Airport Road because many of them are illegal.

“We do not take delight in demolishing peoples’ houses but we have to do our jobs toward sustaining the Abuja Master Plan to boost the economy and social development in the FCT.’’ He said.

Meanwhile, the full list of the estates marked for demolition are:

Name of Estate/Location

1. Ejima Group Estate (Kyami)
2 Minnanuel Estate (Kyami)
3. Redwood/Bidmusdruhill (Kyami)
4. Joafra (Kyami)
5. Efficacy Home (Kyami)
6.BGB Golden Tulip Estate (Kyami)
7. Isvin Estate (Kyami)
8.The Light City Estate (Kyami)
9.Greenland Estate (Kyami)
10. Matovinco Estate (Kyami)
11. Gosa Estate (Kyami)
12.Okun Estate (Kyami)
13.Stone Mountain Homes (Pykassa)
14.Lento Estate (Pykassa)
15. RCCG Estate (Site A,B,C & D) (Pykassa)
16. Rainbow Estate (Pykassa)
17. Annes Vile Estate (Pykassa)
18. Gold City Estate (Pykassa)
19. Krizta Court 1 Residential (Pykassa)
20. Goshen Estate 1 & 2 (Pykassa)
21. M/S Ray Inter Link Services (Lugbe CRD)
22. Good Heart Group Estate (Lugbe CRD)
23. Osilama Estate (Lugbe CRD)
24.NEPA Cooperative Estate (Lugbe CRD)
25. Trade More Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
26. Doctors’ Court Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
27. Royal Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
28. Civil Defence/Defenders Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
29. Rissun Luxury Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
30. Maziyagbe & Ozo Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
31. Pent House Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
32. Weather Field Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
33. Andican Herbon/Delta Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
34. Ese Global (Kyami)
35. Detahah Estate (Kyami)
36. Jinsolve Estate (Kyami)
37. Growth Insight (Kyami)

Source: Development Control Department, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council

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