The African Bar Association (AFBA) has condemned the alleged plot by Department of State Security (DSS) to frame the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele, of terrorism financing and other economic crimes alleged to be of national security dimension.

The African Bar Association said while it does not meddle or interfere in the local governance and political issues of members nations, “we, however, urge for obedience to the rule of law at all times as that is a pillar on which the democracies of all nations stand.

“Where the courts have spoken in clear terms, we enjoin obedience to same and where any party is not satisfied such party should seek reprieve on appeal to higher courts which are provided in the Constitution rather than resorting to self-help or use of force.”

At a well attended International Press conference in Lagos, chairman of the AFBA Human and Constitutional Rights Committee, Sonnie Ekwowusi said: “We are aware that the Federal High Court in Abuja declined to grant an Exparte application to the State Security Service for the arrest of Mr. Emefiele hinging it decision on the absence of concrete evidence to warrant the court to grant such order. The court further pointed out irregularity and unacceptability of the procedure deployed by the State Security Service and hence declined to grant the order.”

AFBA further stated that, “the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in an application for the enforcement of the fundamental rights of Mr. Emefiele clearly restrained the State Security Service, the Nigeria Police Force, the Economic and Financial Crimes commission and the Attorney General of the Federation from inviting, arresting, detaining, interrogating or prosecuting Mr. Emefiele on the allegations of Terrorism financing and other economic crimes.

“Nigeria is a democracy and obedience to court judgments and orders as such is not by choice. All authorities must obey same that is what is globally referred to as the rule of law. All the agencies listed in the said suit marked as FCT/HC/GAR/CV/41/2022 are bound to obey such judgment until it is set aside on appeal so as to let the tension douse for the general interest of Nigeria the,” statement concluded.

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