Many commentators are of the view that the man is too old to occupy such a position which requires good knowledge of the technological innovations of the 21st century. Because I do not know the man personally, I will give him the benefit of doubt. It is possible that the man is updated and conversant with the latest issues in the communications sector. Having said that, it is debatable whether an 83 years old man can effectively supervise an agency like the NCC that requires currency with the technological age. Buhari from all indications is not willing to listen or capable of listening to the opinions of Nigerians on his appointments. The President is overly ridid and autocratic. The scathing Punch editorial on Buhari’s parochial appointments reinforced what some of us have been saying. This government is insensitive. If we fail, refuse or neglect to speak out against the apparent shortcomings of this government because of individual, partisan, ethnic or religious interests posterity will not be fair to us. Nigeria is a democratic country and not a dictatorship. Buhari should not be acting as if he is a fascist or a military despot. Cull From Inibehe Effiong]]>