INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY. A Question Time Interactive Professional Development Meet, the 2nd AAL Legal Roundtable is scheduled to hold on 5th July, 2018 at the Lagos City Mall, Onikan, Lagos Island. Featuring the Chief Judge of Lagos State (Special Guest of Honour), the Attorney General of Lagos State, others expected at the Roundtable include members of the Judicial Committee of the State House of Assembly, serving and retired Judges, serving and retired Chief Registrars, members of the Bar in Lagos led by Chairmen of the 5 NBA Branches in Lagos State, NBA Presidential Aspirants, representatives of Access to Justice and FIACIJ. Under the theme “INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY“, the AAL Legal Roundtable will seek to:

  1. Examine basic principles of Judicial Independence (Introduction)
  2. Examine role of the Bar in safeguarding an Independent Judiciary.
  3. Propose engagement parameters for other arms of government in their oversight functions.
  4. Consider the establishment of independent budget performance and compliance team for purpose of transparency and accountability.
  5. Examine Budget protocols and priority expenditure within the Judiciary.
  6. Identify sustainable income streams for the Judiciary.
  7. Identify challenges in Judicial Staffing and Discipline.
Under the chosen theme, the AAL Legal Roundtable will critically explore the above areas among others, provide insights and knowledge, proffer solutions and equip with resources in safeguarding an Independent Judiciary. Commences at 9am with breakfast until 4pm, AAL Legal Roundtable promises to be bigger with capacity of up to 300 (admission free by advance booking till full capacity). 2nd AAL Legal Roundtable by Ask a Lawyer Forum is in association with FIACIJ and Booking/Sponsorship lines are: 08130644030, 08065172866, 08068191709    ]]>

The National Industrial Court Of Nigeria And Progressive Development Of Labour And Employment Law In Nigeria [Now On Sale] ABOUT THE BOOK Price: N10,000 (Hard back) Free doorstep delivery anywhere in Nigeria COVERAGE
  • ADR and Resolution of Labour & Employment Disputes in Nigeria
  • Sexual Harassment & Workplace Discrimination in Nigeria
  • Validity & Enforceability of Mutual Separation Agreements under the Nigerian Labour & Employment Law
  • Constructive Dismissal under the Nigerian Labour & Employment Law
  • A Review of the NIC Rules & Judgements on Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • Fundamentals of Trade Disputes Resolution in Nigeria
  • Measure of Damages in Master-Servant Employment Disputes
  • An Overview of the NIC ADR Rules & NIC ADR Centre
  • Trade Unions Immunity under the Nigerian Labour Law
  • National Industrial Court & the Adjudicatory Settlement of Labour & Employment Disputes in Nigeria
  • Fairhearing in Labour and Employment Law
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