The Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Mr. Clement Agba has said there may be no wage increase for workers.

He also said the government is borrowing because of the increasing need for infrastructure like hospitals, rail lines, roads and others.

The Minister urged Nigerians to get more involved in budget processes, especially how to increase the nation’s revenue.

He made these submissions in Abuja at BudgIT’s 10th anniversary lecture titled ‘Building civic engagement and institutional accountability for an equitable society.’

His words: “We need to understand that those in government are Nigerians and not evil, they mean well for the country but they see certain data that others do not see which is why we are opening up the government so that as many people as are interested to see, can see the data.

“So that those who are asking for more pay can look at the data, are we earning more revenue? If you use to have a cup full of water to share, now that the cup is half full, should you be given more? How do we expand our tax net? How should Nigerians respond to giving?

“We all seem to be interested in the expenditure side of the budget, nobody is interested in the plan but the most important part of the budget is the revenue angle, without the revenues, you cannot do what you naturally intend to do and if you must do, then you have to go out and borrow.

“So when Nigerians are demanding for more rail lines, more roads, hospitals and the revenue streams are not coming in, the other alternative that is left is to borrow provided it is within the fiscal responsibility act.”

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