The Commissioner for ICPC in Oyo/Ogun, Stephen Pimor spoke Friday during the celebration of 2016 United Nation International day on Anti-Corruption with the theme:” Corruption: An impediment against sustainable development”. He noted that nobody can assume every politician is corrupt if there is no evidence to support ones claim. Pimor said the commission will not take action if the claimant does not have enough evidence to proof his claim. According to Pimor, in order to end this scourge, he said there is need for public cooperation with the anti-graft body. “The government alone cannot wage war against corruption; hence all people irrespective of their status should complement the current effort of the Federal government to tackle the menace in the country. We are not only investigating and prosecuting alone; we are also creating awareness on the impact of corruption in our nation. Since I resume office in Ibadan, we have been able to investigate corrupt cases that are bound in the court. “There is no known positive impact of corruption, no nation has ever develop or progress with corruption. Corruption has drawn Nigeria backward; we are supposed to be in the same level with Malaysia, Brazil, and other nation that started nationhood with Nigeria. That is why we are fighting corruption in line with the change mantra of the Federal government.” Pimor During the commission’s walk campaign to Oyo Secretariat, Pimor while addressing the workers in the state urged them to cooperate with the commission in order to end corruption in the country. He said there is an urgent need to change the damaged image of Nigeria at home and abroad and ensure transparency in endeavours. Source: Nation]]>