A Sudent of the Nigerian Law from the University of Ilorin by name Amasa Firdaus was not called to the Nigerian bar by the Body of Benchers on the 12th day of December, 2017 being the day of her call.

Report has it that Amasa Firdaus who happens to be a Muslim refused to remove her hijab before entering the International Conference Centre where the call to Bar ceremony is usually held.

The graduate of Uniilorin had insisted on wearing her wig on top of her Hijab as she was already dressed in her new gown.

Amasa Firdaus had vehemently objected to abide by the rules boastfully, claiming that the refusal by the authorities of the Nigerian Law School to call her to the Nigerian Bar is a violation of her right to freedom of religion protected by Section 38 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigerian as amended.

One is not too sure whether Amasa may take up an action against the Council of Legal Education just as Kayode Bello did, it is however clear that her chances to be called to the Nigerian Bar is further postponed to next year; that is if she is tagged to be fit and proper and also if the same scenario does not repeat itself.

According to an Instagram user who shared the story, Muslims are treated poorly in the legal profession and the case she highlighted was just one out of many.

Read what she wrote below.

Good morning everyone, I want to use this medium to express my dissatisfaction with the way muslims are treated in this my profession called 'LAW'. A sister wasn't called to the bar because she was dressed like that (Picture above) please for God sake what is wrong with that picture? Because she was putting on a small hijab tucked into her collarette, WHY? What has Hijab done to them? Where is our freedom of Religion as stated in the constitution? We need justice…For those that don't know, Hijab is a MANDATORY part of my religion not just a piece of clothing, so if my freedom of religion is said to have been guaranteed in section 38 of the constitution of my country that is said to be supreme and have have binding force over all as seen in section 1 of this same constitution and Section 42 of this same constitution guarantees my right to freedom from discrimination, please for God sake what is this then and before you come here attack me, please read section 38 (1) and section 1 (1) first and also go ahead to read S1 (3) of this same constitution with an unbiased mind where it is said that if any other law is inconsistent with the provisions of this constitution this constitution shall prevail…B'iko what are we now talking about? Please we want justice. We want our hijab we want #JusticeForFirdaus We want to wear our hijabs for call to bar we want to wear it in the court room. Stop the discrimination We are muslims not terrorists Hijab is Mandatory We want Justice for Firdaus @instablog9ja @officiallindaikeji @lindaikejiblog @soundsultan @iamvjadams @cyberbugzie @omojuwa @daddyfreeze @channelstelevision @aitnews @muslimsconnectnaija

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  1. I think it’s an infringement on her fundamental right not to be allowed to wear.Faith has nothing to do with profession and everyone should deserve the right to decently dress within their faith. For me that should not have disturbed her call to bAr. We must share our right equally and aim to work peaceful. How many people refuse to wear jewelleries just because their faith disallowed yet they were allowed call to bar unnoticed so why stop her if she is not covering her entire face with it. It appears not right to me and absurd to the constitutional right on Islamic religion.Its her faith and must be respected. They should have a path of the form upon admission that states that accommodates students so that they all understand who and who will be dissallowed at the call to bar. After all her hard work throughout the year.Its disrespectful.

  2. Ignorance has led a sheep to the slaughter table. Ms Firdaus before going into the hall for her Call to Bar was handed the “Dos & Don’ts”. If ignorance of people out there are crying on her behalf for her denial. I think the proper thing to do was to ask questions and hold on to that which is the truth. Faith has it place and human rules have their place. If for your faith you so not obey the law of the land, how can she uphold the very Law she is taken the Oath of Allegiance. I will advance the ignorant one out there to ask questions and stop displaying their ignorance about her being declared ” NOT FIT AND PROPER”. Ask any Lawyer, what it means not to be fit and proper for call to bar.

  3. So , Let it be, when a Jew or a Christian or a Hindu or a Buddhist comes forth to plead their case, and they see a jurist wearing a visible hijab, wheather under a wig or otherwise; do they automatically “fear” an injustice will prevail? Does this act reek of prejudice without a word being spoken from “any” direction. If a tribunal the three (3) presiding justices were to walk thru the threshold into the courtroom: one wearing a Star of David, the other wearing a cross, and one wearing an hijab, What would the opposing attorneys think ( other than “I hope my client is a woman of Muslim faith.”)?

    “Easy Appeal, and a waste of time and money on all sides.”

  4. And I cant bring my hockey stick either. It is my cultural identity. I am being deniec my cultural right.