*As NBA Calabar Branch Seeks Response From Officer On Financial Allegations

Daniel Kip, Assistant General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), has strongly denied allegations of financial misconduct leveled against national officers. In a detailed response to the NBA’s Calabar Branch, Kip maintained his integrity and commitment to transparent service.

The allegations, which were presented during the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the NBA, accused national officers, including Mr. Kip, of seeking to misappropriate NBA funds, sharing funds donated for the Kebbi National Executive Council Meeting, requesting sponsorship for the International Bar Association Conference (IBA), and incurring excessive expenses during their stay in Abuja.

Mr. Kip’s response was directed to the Chairman and Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, Calabar Branch, Nsikak Ikpeme, Esq., and Terem Inyambe, Esq., respectively. He acknowledged their concern that these allegations, if true, would reflect poorly on the Calabar Branch, as some national officers, including himself, hail from there.

In his response, Mr. Kip denied all allegations and provided detailed explanations for each point. He emphasized that his decision to run for a national office was not driven by financial gain but by a genuine desire to serve the NBA and its members. Mr. Kip also clarified that he had never requested personal sponsorship for the IBA Conference.

Regarding the Kebbi donation, Mr. Kip stated that no resolution was made to share the funds among national officers and that the portrayal of the issue was unfortunate. He highlighted the importance of transparency and fair communication within the organization.

Addressing expenses, Mr. Kip explained that his active legal practice often suffered due to his national officer duties and that the per diem received did not cover the financial losses incurred. He emphasized his commitment to serving and providing value to the legal profession.

Mr. Kip’s response, which was dated September 4, 2023, was delivered to the NBA President, Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, OON, SAN, in addition to the Calabar Branch. He called upon the President to consider his response and take steps to clear his name from the allegations.

The detailed and comprehensive response from Mr. Kip sheds light on the complexities of managing financial affairs within a prominent legal association like the NBA. It emphasizes the importance of transparency, accountability, and fair communication among all members of the organization. The NBA leadership is expected to carefully review these responses as they continue to address the allegations and maintain the organization’s integrity.

Mr. Kip’s Response Was Directed To The Chairman And Secretary Of The Nigerian Bar Association, Calabar Branch, Nsikak Ikpeme, Esq


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