The Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has said that Lagosians should disregard the viral video of MC Oluomo threatening Igbos not to come out to vote as a joke; however, the video is being investigated.

Musiliu Akinsanya popularly known as “MC Oluomo” is the head of the Lagos state branch of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, in a video that went viral on Thursday, issued a threat to Igbo people to stay at home during the governorship election in Lagos on Saturday if they do not want to vote for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates. Several concerns have been raised about the statement attributed to the video.

The Police spokesperson when asked about it however attempted to address the concern raised by the video

I want to address that issue in two folds. One, if someone is saying you should not come out and vote, we operate a secret ballot, if I’m going out to go and vote and someone is saying are you voting for me? And I say yes. And I get to the booth and thumbprint another party. I’m not going to show another person my ballot paper. Nobody will know whom I have voted for…”

On the second issue, he said: “The Second thing is, these even are things the person involved MC Oluomo himself, I saw a video again with one Mama Chidinma or one woman, whose name was mentioned in the video…which he debunked and said was a joke. Let us take it as a joke. Nobody can tell Nigerians, not to vote.”

The Commissioner of Lagos has come out on live Television to say it was not true and that it was a joke. He further stated that if it is true, they are working on it and investigating the matter and looking into it.

He was further asked about the active action taken by the police to address the incitement caused by the video and ensure public safety. He mentioned that the CP of Lagos has said they are aware of the video and have sent that video with other previous videos that have gone viral to the cybercrime unit and that people should wait for the outcome.

He reinstated that it is a secret ballot and nobody will know whom we vote for. Nobody should take it seriously and the police will be ready to combat any threat.

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