Sir. Eric Igbedion died in a brothel with an Awka Ibom’s Precious believed to be a teenage sex worker. It took me a report on a supposed leaked video to realize that the news of the sudden demise of the Knight had happened around December, 2019.

What’s new? Details emerged online that some detectives had leaked a video evidencing an investigation into the matter, in a bid to show the cause of the demise of the Knight, so that Precious will be left alone to enjoy the fresh air. News making the round in the cyberspace suggest that the family of the deceased is mounting pressure on the sex-worker, suspecting her as a brain behind his unfortunate death.

I watched the almost 14 minutes video believed to be leaked by some of the detectives. In the video, a lady was interrogated by some armed men believed to be security operatives. She claimed to be Precious by name, and from Akwa Ibom state. She narrated how the Knight and her had contracted to have a coitus deal. Money was agreed and meal demanded to keep the belly-worms in check. After consumption, the duo slept, and proceeded to some waist-dancing at 5:00 am. At 6:00 am, just when she had made up her mind to make the Knight fulfil his pledge, she realized that the sire was not responding to the morning-call as expected. She narrated further that she drew the attention of another who was around the premises, after which his death was confirmed. She claimed to have been linked up with the Semi-Clergy through a fella for the unholy act.

Contrary to what is ordinarily obtainable in Nigeria, the operatives were calm in the interrogation process. There was no treat of the use of TABAY, or the echo of a beastly voice suggesting threat or terror. The atmosphere was friendly. In fact, one of the voices confirmed that sire was a known face. Whether noble or not, I cannot say. A good one from the Police, I must say.

Moving further, a purse was emptied by the operatives and some pills were discovered. Many of the pills were said to have been used and even swallowed. By all means, the drugs were perceived to be capable of giving energy for serious coitus. What I observed was a conclusion that Sir Eric must have abused the drugs with him and of course, died as a result of the abuse. Some even criticized that being a Legal Knight he should have known the night that follows the abuse of such pills. Agreed, but to me, it is mainly circumstantial. Yes, it is.

Days ago, calls have been made by some interested Nigerians on the need why the innocent girl should be protected and freed. For once, I have seen where Nigerians are interested in protecting someone’s right irrespective of her so-called immortal trade. Interestingly, even advocates of jungle justice did not demand for tyres and a gallon of fuel which is their own gavel of fast-track justice. Well, she is not accused of stealing after all. Only thieves deserve such a model capital punishment, I guess!

Indeed, she may be innocent. But if her innocency is based on her statement which is recorded in a video, and the production of some pills from a bag, then it is most unfortunate. This is because the Knight is dead and a dead man cannot speak to even defend himself. What is the use of fair hearing to a corpse?

What is my point? Our legal system even though, lacking many things, is not alien to advanced means of gathering evidence. Asking, simpliciter: Where is the Coroner? Is there any thus far? I am not aware.

To me, if there are too many questions about the cause of the Knight’s death, then there is the need for a coroner’s inquest. Even if he has been buried, his body can be exhumed. This is the science of the matter. If this legal but scientific means has been explored already, then, there shouldn’t be any need for the facts and rebuttal of facts dominating the cyberspace. But I strongly perceive there is none thus far. Prove me wrong, I will appreciate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not doubt Precious’ innocence, but if Eric’s family want to seek justice, then there are mature ways of seeking it, that is, if justice is to be served at all in this case. An INQUEST should not be discouraged. If there is already, bring it on. It is the best bet. A video containing an oral statement, and the discovery of pills in a purse does not in any way prove that the pills are what ceased the breath of the Legal-Mighty.


Why on Earth did the police empty the purse containing the pills with their bare hands?

IMPLICATION: That alone will destroy finger print evidence.

Interrogating the girl right in the scene of the crime was not the best. Her statement would have been taken outside the Locus in Quo.

** Precious.


1. The Deceased’s Body.

2. The Purse and the Drugs (Check out for Finger Prints). But the Police destroyed this piece of evidence by emptying the purse with their bare hands, that is, without gloves.

3. The food on the table table.

While Precious’ rights are to be protected, Eric had a Right to Life which must be respected.

Written By Ebi Robert

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