By Prince Azubuike Esq

‘Haven had the wrong education as a start in his racial career, the Negro has become his own greatest enemy’ – Marcus Garvey

Africa is a strange continent with individuals who claim to be leaders but indeed they are misleaders. The corona virus pandemic did not exposed this truth as pan Africanists have always recognized this fact. Africa remains the only continent that have suffered the grip of colonialism all through the ages.

First to come to Africa were the Arabs. They hunted us down like animals, captured us, sold us into slavery and kept us in total bondage for almost 1,300 years. What the Arabs did to Africans over that period of time makes everything else that we were subjected to by others including the Trans-Atlantic slave trade looks like child’s play. Worse is the fact that in places like Saudi Arabia and Mauritania, many black Africans still live in slavery till date.

After the Arabs came the Europeans and they also enslaved us, shipping us overseas, subjected us to barbarous cruelty and bestial servitude and described us as nothing more than chattel with the brains of the quarter of a man.

After the Europeans came the Chinese. They have come in their full power and glory with their enticing and intoxicating massive bags of money, cheap loans, fake and deceptive smiles and intentions with a view to turning us into perpetual debtors, beggars and economic slaves. Like a snake coiled around our hapless necks, they are snuffing and suffocating the life out of us more and more as each day goes by, and they are turning us into their slaves and minions just as others that came before them.

Discussion on governance in Africa is an ever green subject as there is no shortage of literature on this subject in the continent of Africa. When African nations gained independence, one of the major things we agreed to do was to exorcise the ghost of colonialism. We were clear in our mind that we were not children of a lesser god. In order to demonstrate this fact we ventured into agriculture, rail ways, airlines and all other developmental programs. Today, our industries are nothing to write home about as our airlines (with the exception of Ethiopian Air) and all other industries are in a state of animated suspension. Today, Africa is the only continent that consumes what it does not produce and produces what it does not consume. Our natural inclination by default has always been to our colonial masters.

The white man over the years have understood one indivisible truth and have jealously guided it, that all through the ages, the battle has always been the battle of the mind and once the mind has been captured, ten out of ten times we will continue to be defeated. Africans does not need to be conquered because she has already conquered itself. Toady Africans are slaves in Libya, they are treated like animals in the Middle East and China, they are barely tolerated in Europe and they are hated and treated with contempt and disdain in Asia and North and South America.

Today, the corona virus pandemic has ravaged and is continuing to ravage the world, it has decimated economies worldwide and has humbled the pride of the West. Western Nations have invested billions in scientific research in trying to get a cure. The virus has humbled science and has put scientist off over drive without any solution in site.

Fortunately, Madagascar for about a month have boasted of a cure for this dreaded virus and the world is not paying attention even the WHO is not talking about it neither is it making the headlines across the world. The mainstream or lame stream media (in the worlds of Donald Trump) inclusive.

Worst still, African leaders are not talking about it. It is interesting to note that the mortality rate of the virus in Madagascar is zero and as at today, Madagascar is free of the corona virus. Why then is the world not talking about this solution, one is tempted to asked?

The truth is not far-fetched, can any good thing come out of Nazareth? Truth be told, the white man does not like the continent of Africa and will refused to look up to Africa for solutions to any global problem even when the solution is handy.

If the white man’s pride can be excused, why are other African countries not projecting and promoting the covid organics? The reason is not far-fetched, the African hates his fellow African more than the Americans and Europeans combined. Booker T. Washington aptly described the black race in one of his many lectures by stating that Africans are like crabs in a barrel, none would allow the other to climb over the top, and in the event of any such attempt, all would continue to pull back into the barrel the one crab that makes the effort to climb out.

This cannot be far from the truth. How would one expect the WHO headed by an African not to take serious Madagascar’s solution to a global pandemic? To the average African, any solution to this pandemic that is not coming from the US and Europe must be a joke. If the Covid organics were to come from America or Europe, African nations in our usual style would have queued, begging to have a sip of it. Fellow Africans, the neo-colonial project is alive and well.

I do not know where this sickness of mind, malevolent and self-destructive disposition derives from but I suspect that it is a deep-seated case of self-hate and self-loathing. This is the apex of the manifestation of Stockholm syndrome. What a tragedy.

It is high time we rise up and look inwards. African leaders must rally round Madagascar in seeing that the covid organics is well projected since its efficacy has been proven instead of waiting for vaccines from the United States and Europe.

 Prince Azubuike Esq. , Writes from Port Harcourt.

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