Justice Osoba with the full connivance of the retired Chief Judge of Ondo State and the Chief Registrar of the Ondo state Judiciary, Toyin Akinrinsola, have falsified records with regards to Justice Osobas age and curriculum vitae. Naturally, Justice Osoba has gone past the statutory retirement age of 65 years for Judges as she was born on the 20th of June 1950 which puts her age at 67yrs old in 4 months time. However, on the CV she submited at the Swearing in Ceremony as the Acting Chief Judge of Ondo State on Monday 23rd January 2017, her date of birth remains 20th of June 1957 which puts her age at 60 years old in a few months. 67-year old Justice Temitayo Osoba is an alumni of verifiable schools both in Ondo state and Ekiti state. As an officer of the bench, she has not been in charge of a division within the judiciary nor has she functioned in an administrative capacity within the judiciary. This highly controversial character has several petitions pending against her including that of age falsification and “substance abuse” but nothing has been done, instead of her being reprimanded she is being promoted into the highest office of the Ondo State Judiciary. The facts are there and glaring. For instance, if you investigate her alma mata, Fiwasaye grammar School, Akure and/or Christ School, Ado-Ekiti, her records are there which shows her real age and the periods at which she couldn’t have gone to some schools which she claimed on her CV. If Justice Osoba is installed by the Ondo State Judiciary Cartel, corruption and nepotism will escalate at the judiciary, what then will be the hope of the common man, the poor and the helpless? Please lets use this medium to speak out for the people. A failure at the judiciary is a substantive failure, all other things have no chance when the justice system is corrupt. We are putting power back in the hands of the people by naming and shaming the enemies of the common man. Please find attached her official documents. Her CV (which says she was born in 1957) and her school documents which shows her real age has been destroyed at Christ school as at 8th of February 2017 but that of Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School Akure is still available on request. [pdf-embedder url=”https://thenigerialawyer.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/cv.pdf”]]]>