Dive into the intricate world of Nigerian law with the newly released book, “Legal Method in Nigeria,” written by Dr. Hagler Okorie. This 748-page book comprises 24 chapters and an appendix, making it a comprehensive guide to understanding the legal landscape of Nigeria. It’s not just a collection of legal concepts; it’s a guide that illuminates the inner workings of law in Nigeria and its practical applications in meeting the needs of citizens and the government.

“Legal Method in Nigeria” doesn’t just explain law; it unravels the intricacies of various processes and procedures, demonstrating how they can be effectively harnessed within the legal framework. From understanding the organized approach to operating within the boundaries of Nigerian law to exploring the very roots of the legal system, this book takes readers on a journey through the evolution and structure of law in Nigeria.

Delve into the elements that constitute the essence of law, as well as the methodologies that underpin its functioning. Beyond theoretical discussions, the book delves into contemporary topics such as legal theories, fundamental human rights, and professional ethics that guide the legal profession. These complex subjects are presented in a clear, concise, and practical manner, making them accessible to readers from various backgrounds.

With a unique structure, style, and content, “Legal Method in Nigeria” is designed to be an indispensable companion for anyone interested in Nigerian legal studies. Whether you’re a student, scholar, or simply someone curious about the intricacies of Nigerian law, this book offers a wealth of knowledge and insights.

To get your hands on a copy of “Legal Method in Nigeria,” simply place your order by emailing haglersoco@gmail.com or calling 08032253813. You can also purchase the book at Winners Chambers, located at No 135 Ehi Road by Mosque Street beside First Bank, Aba, or at the Faculty of Law, Abia State University, Umuahia Campus, Abia State.

Embark on a journey of legal exploration and discovery with “Legal Method in Nigeria.” Order your copy today and empower yourself with a deeper understanding of the legal landscape in Nigeria.

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