The UNIV Nigeria for the year 2021 has been scheduled to hold on the theme “Seeking A Solid Education In A Liquid Society”.

UNIV is an annual event targeted at broadening the horizon of students through creativity and a degree of ingenuity in their thoughts and reflections.

UNIV Nigeria was inspired by the Univ Forum which began in Rome in the year 1968 and attracted about 3,000 students from different America, Europe and African countries, converged with a view to sharing ideas through critical thinking.

The notice of this year’s theme is contained in a statement issued by the Coordinator Univ Nigeria, Ikechukwu Onuoma Esq., which was made available to TheNigeriaLawyer.

He noted that the topic for this year’s engagement “has gone viral attracting hundreds of university students across the country.”

“In our society of constant changes, dominated by instant and fluctuating channels of communication, ideas flow continuously, as if dragged along by the power of fashion, without leaving the slightest trace. Nothing seems stable or permanent. Nothing, not even significant interpersonal relationships, seems deserving of commitment or dedication. It is a soft, weak, gaseous, timid way of thinking that does not venture—because it does not have the confidence— to achieve a common truth that lies beyond the reach of empirical sciences.

“Faced with the temptation of cynicism or disillusionment, nothing is more necessary or invigorating than daring to think, to trust in the human capacity to arrive at those answers that allow us to navigate a liquid society with confidence…and to discover the solid ground that we need to build bridges with others and to undertake the changes that our contemporary world needs”, he said.

Meanwhile, he noted that this is a critical point in time that education should be used in the attainment of social justice amongst others.

“In a digital environment—replete with massive consumption of useful (and sometimes useless)
information, with unnecessary distractions, and with (perhaps addicting) searches for sensory stimulation—we cannot give up on the big questions, dedicating time and effort to answering them.

“This is the moment to accept the challenge of being a reflective person, constructively critical, a lover of the truth and the beauty that open us to the world and to other people. Education should be more than just a means of promoting economic advancement, social justice, or civic participation. A solid education involves reflecting on living a good life”, he added.

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