The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) has said it would not participate in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) public hearing on restructuring.

The PDP argued that the decision was diversionary and a delay tactics. Speaking with newsmen yesterday at the PDP headquarters in Abuja, shortly after a delegation from China visited the leadership of the party, PDP spokesman, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, said the party will not participate “because the APC has no genuine interest in restructuring”.

“It is a delay tactic to kill restructuring and we are not interested, we are not going to participate because the APC has no genuine interest in restructuring. They betrayed their real intentions. When this issue first reached the front burner, the APC leaders were campaigning against it, kicking against it. They said it was not in their manifesto.

“Their national chairman and one of their governors came on television and said that the APC had no plans for restructuring, that it was not in their manifesto. So why have they now changed their mind?

“And if you changed your mind, people are agitating for something and you say you are holding conferences, you are holding hearing. Have you become the National Assembly to be holding hearings? It is the responsibility of the National Assembly to hold public hearing; it is not the responsibility of any political party.

“So, the APC is just deploying delay tactics to kill restructuring and it’s a shame on them. It is a sabotage of the whole process. The PDP organised a national conference in 2014, we came out with a concrete proposal unanimously agreed upon by the participants from all the six geo-political zones of the country.

“We were planning that if we won election, that would be the first item on the agenda of the second term of the president but we didn’t have that opportunity. But it was an item that was presented to the present government during the handing over.

“And now they’re telling us they want to have hearings. They think they are fooling Nigerians. The APC believes that they can take Nigerians for a ride; they can fool Nigerians all the time. They can tell lies, they can deceive the people but one day, nemeses will catch up with them because there is no need for you to say you are holding hearing.

“There is a report on ground. Subject that report to another critical evaluation or throw it to the National Assembly to enact it into law and then we will know that we have started something,” the PDP said.

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