Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC are have arrested a personal aide of an outgoing top judge in Lagos.

Reports said investigations have revealed that hundreds of millions have been traced to the account of the outgoing judge’s aide. Other aides have been fingered for playing various roles.One of them has resigned.

It was further learnt that a foreign embassy blew the whistle after taking a look at the statement of account of the judge’s personal assistant. The embassy’s alert triggered EFCC to investigate the aide.

Already houses running into millions of Naira at Lekki and other estates have been traced to the judge’s aide. Mercedes Benz cars worth N50m have been linked to the aide.

The arrested aide is daid to have made confessional statement to the effect that he has been keeping the funds on behalf of his boss.He also admitted that he has also cornered some funds for personal use.

It was learnt that there are efforts being made to cover up the scandal. But insiders are urging EFCC not to mess up the case. Huge bribery attempts to stop the case are believed to have been contemplated.

How far anybody can go to kill this story remains to be seen since it was a foreign embassy that blew the whistle.

Culled: newsdiaryonline

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  1. Judiciary is a reflection of our people and what we hold dear. However we can accelerate our change for the better if our judiciary reform will take a enduring development approach guided by diversity and inclusion principles.

    Reform with sustainability objective will address the fundamentals and less number of lawyers and judges will be tempted to pervert justice. Only by this approach can we develop expectation for a progressive national development.