He also identified, the need for obedience to the rule of law by all individuals and institutions regardless of the position one occupies. Banire, who was among the recently decorated Senior Advocates of Nigeria made this statement during an interaction session with some journalists in his law office in Lagos. To him, fighting corruption is not about picking people up and taking them to court, rather he suggested the need for the Professor Itse Sagay committee to evaluate the legal framework properly. The Sagay committee must look at the structure; the legal framework. That is the starting point, because there are so many of them that are conflicting, some are unintelligible and some obsolete”, Banire said. Speaking further, he suggested that the EFCC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Bureau, Nigerian Police and other agencies be structured, such that there will be a format to avoid situation where different governments adopts different strategies in the fight against corruption. He also stressed the need to look at the procedural law. He explained that if the substantive law is okay and the procedural law is weak, there might be systemic crisis, saying such is the reason there are undue delays in anti-corruption cases with the impression that there is always no end to high profile cases. Banire also used the opportunity to urge the people to give the president enough time to plan so that the expected dividends can come in ‘the quantum that we desire’. According to him, President Buhari has said he does not want to make mistake; he wants to do things meticulously. Responding to questions on whether he actually had the ambition of running for the governorship of Lagos State, he says it was a mere rumour. His words: “I never told anybody that I want to be governor. Even to be a judge, I am not cut out to it for several reasons. One of it is that the welfare of judges, to me, is not sufficient, it is not tempting, not inviting. You must engage in things that allow you to run away from temptation. Let me give you a scenario. If I were to be a governor or get appointed as a minister today, maybe the highest pay I would get is N25 million per annum. That cannot solve my problem. Any other thing will come from stealing or bribery. So, if you are not ready to steal or ask for bribe, restrict yourself to a place where you can make good money legitimately”. He maintained that he preferred to remain a grassroot politician.]]>

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