The Maiden Dinner of the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria was held in a serene atmosphere at the grand hall of the Intercontinental hotel at Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Dinner being the first of its kind was for many Senior Advocates an opportunity to unwind with their spouses and get to know each other better outside the courtroom.

The Dinner was also remarkable as it ushered in the new silks most of whom were present at the event with their spouses as well.

Amongst the notable newly appointed silks present where Mr. Akin Osinbajo, Festus Keyamo, John Odubela and Mr. Emeka Opkoko.

Also present at the event was the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the representative of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Justice Okeke, the representative of the President of the Court of Appeal, Hon. Justice Aboki, the Chief Judge of Lagos State and some judges of the Lagos High Court, representative of the Chief Judge of Delta State, Hon. Justice Roli Harriman, Attorney General of Kwara, Jigawa, Sokoto and Kogi States

Chief (Mrs.) Solanke SAN was called upon to briefly address the SANs and in her remark she decried the fallen standards of legal ethics and respect within the profession. She noted regrettably that lawyers are not properly addressing the judges and each other with respect and challenged the SANs to help restore respect within the profession by teaching the younger lawyers proper courtroom ethics.

In his remark, the Vice Chair of the Dinner Committee, Paul Usoro SAN gave a brief background on why BOSAN is coming out to the public at this time. He said that BOSAN is looking at engaging in the legal profession in 3 ways: 1. Continuing legal Education; 2. Scholarships and 3. An Annual Dinner to welcome new silks. He called out all the new silks and presented them before the guest. About 18 of the new silks were present.

In his dinner lecture, Dr. Christopher Kolade CON talked about leadership in Nigeria. He noted that needed skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, an ability to listen and to respect his followers. He said a leader must have courage and strength, he must stand firm, ready to admit his faults, must be humbly yet use his power and authority wisely. He encouraged the SANs as leaders to empower others, encourage the young ones, to be an example and show the way to those who follow them.

After the Dinner, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, gave a brief remark. During his remark he spoke on role of the “learned silks” in preserving the legal profession in Nigeria. He also highlighted the difference between the elite who build great and enduring societies or professions and those who destroy the patrimony and the extent to which elite is willing to make sacrifices and constrain the innate human selfishness.

The president of the Nigerian Bar Association, A.B Mahmoud SAN, Also gave a brief remark.

The NigeriaLawyer spoke to a few silks such has Kemi Pinheiro SAN, Dr. Muiz Banire SAN, Pedro Lawal SAN, Toyin Pinheiro SAN, Ernest Ojukwu SAN, Moyo Onigbajo SAN, JK Gazama SAN and a few others who applauded the new idea and noted that it was time for the SANs to come out and officially play their part in the development of the BAR and the nation as a whole

Chief (Mrs.) Williams Richard-Akinjide however noted that in the past BOSAN had organised dinners such as this but for a very long time none was organised but this was the first to be made public.

BOSAN is not a statutory body but quietly influences policy by using their influence within the national governance structure and within the NBA. BOSAN committed to bringing change within the legal profession

VIDEO: Prof. Yemi Osinbajo Advocates For Preservation Of Law And The Profession

(Photo credit- Newswire Law and Events)

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