Tell us about yourself? My name is Enome Amatey, I’m from Akpet 1 in Biase LGA of Cross River State. I’m a legal practitioner and a Senior Associate with the law firm of Mba E. Ukweni (SAN) & Associates. I’m also a member of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators. I am currently the Chairman of the Young Lawyers’ Forum, Calabar and the Vice Chairman of the Eastern Bar, Young lawyers’ Forum. Academic background I had my primary education at the Nigerian Navy Primary School, Calabar. I then proceeded to Immaculate Conception Seminary, Mfamosing for secondary education. I had my LLB at the University of Calabar, before proceeding to the Nigerian Law School, Kano for my BL. Why your choice of law? Law chose me. I say this because, I started off as a science student. I only switched to Arts in my final year in secondary school. So it’s safe to say, I’m a lawyer by accident. But it’s the best decision I have made in my life. What is your alternative, should law not be the avenue for you? Actually never given this a thought, but I’d probably be hosting TV shows or acting. I’d love to play football for the money, but I flop at that. What was your solo appearance as a new wig in court? That was at the Court of Appeal, Calabar. I had to take a motion. I was tensed, but I have not looked back ever since. What do you like most about legal practice? ‎ It’s without a doubt that law is the most prestigious profession out there. It’s also very satisfying, brain tasking and of course, it pays the bills. What do you feel are the things that can help a person become successful in practice? Hard work, nothing beats hard work. You must also dare to dream, be ready to delve into unfamiliar territories. Because legal practice is knowledge based, there is also a need to constantly improve yourself through conferences, seminars and short courses. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about a case, wishing you had handled something differently? If so, please describe one situation (If any). I think this happens fairly often in the life of a legal practitioner. Certain times, while cross examining a witness, you ask one question too many and this gives the witness an opportunity to repair his case. When that happens, it plagues my mind for days. In what way do you think the judiciary can improve on dispensation of Justice? Justice delayed, is justice half denied. The judiciary should take positive steps to help in the speedy dispensation of justice. This can simply be done by strict adherence to the rules of court and the creation of more specialized courts. ‎Have you ever benefited from your ‎disappointment/mistakes? Severally, most seeming disappointments turned out to be blessings in disguise. Who has been most influential in your life? Obviously my mum, for her prayers and all. What do you have to say about the poor or no salary payment to young lawyer? It’s a pathetic situation and the NBA must give appropriate consideration going forward. Like I said previously, law is a prestigious profession and shouldn’t be practiced in a beggarly way. Young lawyers have to be paid well in order to help them live a fairly comfortable life and be in the right frame of mind to give their best at work. Are you better working alone, or as part of a team? This is relative, it depends on the particular task. More often than not, I prefer working with a team, but at times, certain members of the team might not be on the same wave length or at the same speed as you, in such a case, I’d rather work alone.]]>

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