A popular hotelier in Sapele, Delta State, Deacon Emekeme Joseph popularly known as Samikolo has allegedly been beaten, by two of his children, to death over a girlfriend, Vanguard report.

Emekeme who owns a hotel chain called Convenant Suites, and once owned a filling station is a Deacon in one of the Pentecostal churches in the timber town.

A source told Vanguard that Emekeme fell gravely ill after his sons assaulted him last week over a girlfriend who was said to be working at one of his hotels before the wife found out and sacked her, only for the children to find out recently that he is still dating her.

The sons, whom the source claimed were graduates from a private university demanded a million naira from the father or they will inform their mother who was said to be holidaying in the United States at that time, of the issue.

The father was said to have called off their bluff and true to their threat they reported the sleazy affair to their mother who was incensed. The next day the father was said to have dropped by at the business joint of the wife and when the sons saw him they hounded him out of the place.

Another insider informed Vanguard that Samikolo angrily went home and seized the keys of the cars of the sons an action which drew their ire and they descended on him with blows and kicks.

He invited the police and the boys fought the police and even broke one of the policemen’s head.

The boys were arrested and the father was rushed to the hospital. The condition of the father was deteriorating quickly and he was referred to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital where he was fighting for his life.

The wife was said to have quickly flown back to the country and facilitated the release of the sons from police custody and strangely discharged the husband against doctor’s advise from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital where he was in a coma and brought him home where he passed on.

However a police source today confirmed the death of Deacon Joseph, “his family has come to report the issue at the police station so we are awaiting the next step” the police source who craved anonymity said.

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