He was testifying in a suit by Prince Adetayo Odunsi, who is challenging the nomination of Albert Mayungbe as the Odemo of Isara-Remo by the kingmakers. The witness said beside sharing similar tradition, the 33 towns also “do things in common as one Remoland”. He was being cross examined by counsel to the first, sixth to 10th and 14th defendants, Dr. Victor Odunaiya. He disagreed with the contention of the defence that some of the 33 towns, including Batoro, Ogere, Ilara, Ikenne among others, operate different native laws and customs. Other defendants in the suit are Chief Wasiu Ekundayo; Secretary, Remo North Local Government; Oliwo of Isara, Chief Ajibowu Ogunfowodu; Apena of Isara, Chief Jimoh Soyombo; Chief Ladipo Ogunyemi; Ogbeni Odi of Isara, Chief Olajubu Osibote; Ekeji Asipa Odi, Chief Tunde Kalejaiye; Asipa Odi of Isara, Chief Owuye Logba. Others are Ekeji Asipa Odi of Isara, Chief Efuwape Sotikare; Olori Emo of Isara, Chief Bashiru Awoniyi; Ekeji Olori Emo of Isara, Chief Korede Ogunwole; Asipa Emo of Isara, Chief Nosiru Sodipe; Ekeji Asipa Emo, Chief Adewole Sopitan; Governor of Ogun State; Executive Council of Ogun State; the State Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Local Government and the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice as tenth to 18thdefendants respectively. The claimant said he is direct descendant of the late king Oyemade Mayungbe and progenitor of Erinsiba Ayoledoye Ruling House. He averred that he is the one lawfully entitled to the stool of Odemo of Isara. But Mayungbe had insisted on being a bonafide member and descendant of the Erinsiba Ayoledoye Ruling House. The witness, while being led in evidence earlier by counsel to the claimant, Mr. Olumuyiwa Obanewa, had told the court that he adopted in total, the content of a statement he made on oath on June 23, 2016 as his evidence in the matter. Obanewa also reminded the court that he had filed an application which then sought to and replaced the deceased second defendant with another person. The clarification was made following the submission of the defence counsel that he was yet to be briefed by the new second defendant. Chief Adesanya further told the court that he had served three Akarigbo of Remo in his capacity as Apena of Ofin, Sagamu since his installation in 1982 and that he is very conversant with the native laws and customs of Remoland. He also disagreed with the defence that he was not familiar with the customs of appointing kings in the 33 towns that made up Remoland, insisting that as Apena of Ofin, Sagamu, he is also a kingmaker and that this gives him the opportunity of being conversant with the native laws and customs of the various towns. He said as the Apena of Ofin, Sagamu and a leader of the Osugbos, he always represents the Akarigbo in the 33 towns whenever a new king is to be installed and other functions of the Osugbo cult while the Oliwo takes charge of Palace functions. Aside from the Osugbos, the witness also claimed to be the leader of Yagba cult, Sango cult and other cults related to the Akarigbo and relates with them during their annual festivals as the representative of the paramount ruler of Remoland. In answer to another question, the witness said it was not true that Sagamu was the last to settle in Remoland while explaining that the name Sagamu was derived from the name of a river and a discovery made by a hunter, “ ibiti orisa gbe amu ewa si” which later became “Orisaga-muewa”. He disagreed with the contention of the defence counsel that “Orisaga-muewa” was an idol planted at the beginning of Ofin as the symbol of unity of the 33 towns that made up Remoland. He told the court that the title of any person that becomes the King of Ofin Sagamu is Akarigbo enunciating that in the ancient days, only Elemuren and Alara wear crown like Akarigbo but that in the present day, all the kings of the towns that made up Remoland now wear crown and have titles to go with it. He maintained that in spite of the fact that the towns that made up Remoland have varied number of kingmakers, they still share same native laws and customs. Justice A. Babawale adjourned ttill March 28 and 30 for continuation of cross examination.]]>