By Sylvester Udemezue

Earlier today, I came across a news report under the headline, “Planning Committee Chair For NBA-SPIDEL Conference, Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN Tenders Resignation From Body; Cites Disagreement With NBA President As Reason For Resignation” However, carefully reading through the report, my first observation was that such’s an inaccurate blog-reporting: I couldn’t, still don’t, understand the reason for inclusion of “Cites Disagreement With NBA President As Reason For Resignation” I am unable to see from the report, any sign of disagreement between SPIDEL Conference planning committee chairman and the NBA President. Indeed, it’s annoying to Claim that Chuka Ikwuazon cited “disagreement with the NBA President” for his resignation. Chuka didn’t cite any disagreement. Chuka only says he resigned because Akpata wanted him out of the way, as a precondition for the NBA President (1) attending the SPIDEL Conference and (2) financially supporting the SPIDEL Conference. That’s not a disagreement. Which disagreement? How?

From Chuka’s account (although we’re yet to hear the other side; we’re waiting), it appears that Olumide Akpata is now running a personal, one-man show as the NBA President (2020-2022). Check out why an excellent mind in the person of Chuka Ikwuazon had to quit as SPIDEL Conference planning committee chairman:

1️⃣.Chuka Ikwuazon reportedly was busy doing his work excellently as SPIDEL Conference 2022 Planning Committee Chairman. No one found him wanting anywhere or in anything. He was planning to deliver an excellent SPIDEL Conference 2022.
2️⃣. Mr. Akpata reportedly said he (Akpata) would not attend the SPIDEL Conference 2022 if Mr. Ikwuazon remained the Chairman of the SPIDEL Conference 2022 Planning Committee.
3️⃣. Further, Akpata reportedly said he would not render any financial support to the planned SPIDEL Conference 2022 with Chuka Ikwuazon as the Planning Committee Chairman.
4️⃣. Reacting, SPIDEL Chairman, Monday Ubani, reportedly declared that he’d prefer to have held, a SPIDEL Conference 2022 attended and financially supported by the NBA President.
5️⃣. Seeing himself being viewed as one standing in the way of the NBA President having his way, Chuka Ikwuazon resigned so that Akpata could be free to attend and financially support SPIDEL Conference 2022, and so that SPIDEL Chairman could have held a Conference financially supported and attended by the NBA President.

1️⃣. Chuka resigned to satisfy Akpata’s ego, to allow Akpata’s personal whims and caprices to prevail. We’re however waiting for the NBA President to explain why he did not want to see Chuka Ikwuazon (a learned silk, an excellent brain and brilliant mind) as the Planning Committee Chairman. And why he would not support a SPIDEL Conference being planned by a Committee headed by Chuka Ikwuazon. We need to know what Chuka’s offences (if any) are, that Akpata had to take such a decision and place such a wholly subjective condition in an affair of NBA, with over 197,300 members. Else, we might be forced to ask whether Mr Olumide Akpata as NBA President, has finally turned NBA leadership into his own personal/private affair wherein his subjective personal predilections, whims and caprices, and nothing else, are law and accordingly the order of the day.

A few days ago (although I am still researching to write on this one), reports made the rounds of how the same NBA President, Mr Akpata, had overruled the NBA General Secretary who on her part, had only advised that rule of law as set out in section 20 NBA Constitution be followed to the letter. I will make public, my findings and reflections thereon.

Note: I am for all in general, and for no one in particular, but the best interest of the NBA and the law profession in Nigeria.

To be continued.
Sylvester Udemezue (Udems).
(August 01, 2022)

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