By Abubakar D. Sani

What do the University of Calcutta

Cape Canaveral

Richmond, Virginia

And Apple Computers –

Have in common?

Hang on –

There's more –

Here’s the roll-call:

Humphrey O’Sullivan

Ron Hubbard

Caligula and


Not to mention Japan


Frederick the Great

And Sharon Tate

And, of course

Winston Churchill

Ted Bundy

And Neil Diamond

Last, but by no means

The least

Are L. Ron Hubbard

And Brazil, ‘home’ of soccer

All of them

Without exception

Have a milestone recorded

On January the 24th

For, on that day,

In 1857, the University was founded

In 1899, Rubber heels were patented

And, in 1908,  the Boy Scout Movement was formed

Likewise, the Space Shuttle, Discovery

Was launched in 1985

A mission, all-military and oh-so-secret

And Winston Churchill died - in 1965

As did Ted Bundy and Ron Hubbard

The serial killer and

The founder of Scientology

In 1989 and 1986  respectively

Not to mention the Roman Emperor, Caligula, in 41AD

As for births, leading the pack

Is Frederick the Great, the Prussian King

And, in 76AD, another Roman Emperor, Hadrian

As were the American musician and actress

Sharon Tate and Neil Diamond

In 1943 and 1941

Respectively (bless them)

The first personal computer

The Apple Macintosh

Went on sale in 1984 –

(The genius of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak)

Six years later – in 1990

Japan launched its first lunar probe

Preceded, in 1948, by the California Rush for Gold

And, in 1946, by the UN's 1st Resolution – on Nuclear energy

Richmond, Virginia's claim to fame

Is that beer

Was first canned there

In 1935 (since then the world has never been the same!)

Just as well

As it preceded

The Brazilian anti-slavery rebellion

In 1835 (alcohol would have made it worse!)

But, what is the point of this historical excursion

You may well ask: what has January the 24th

Got to do with anything

Beyond mere trivia, that is

Well, it's confession time!

That day just happens to be

The anniversary of yours truly

Placing him squarely within the Aquarius Zodiac sign!

Of whom, it has been said

(Not without some justification)

Are the most humanitarian and generous

Not to mention friendly, innovative and broad-minded

Famously symbolized by the Water-bearer

(Isn't it said that

He who brings water brings life?)

They are truly one of a kind

Considerate, tolerant

Forward-looking and liberal

What more needs to be said

Except to wish the celebrant good cheer!

Written By Abubakar D. Sani, Esq.
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