The Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) has frowned at the development where children of retired and serving Judges and Justices are being appointed into sensitive Judicial positions at the expense of more qualified candidates.

The Committee regretted that development has sacrifice competence on the alter of favoritism and nepotism.

In a statement by it’s Chairman, Prof. Itse Sagay, the advisory committee equally expressed concern about the way and manner corruption cases involving high profile personalities are been lost in courts on technicalities.

It noted that the development has constituted a clog in the fight against corruption “especially because high profile individuals and politically exposed persons already appear to be above the law.”

Regardless, the Committee commended the progress being recorded by the anti-corruption agencies within and outside the country.

The statement reads in part; “the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), having reviewed the current state of the fight against corruption, reminds all stakeholders in the fight as follows:

“The commendable progress being recorded by the Anti corruption agencies within and outside Nigeria needs to be enhanced and sustained. Hence, all signs of corruption fighting back from any
sector of government must be resisted. Thus, we salute the efforts of the Anti corruption agencies and urge them to do even do more.

“The Committee also notes, with sadness and amazement, how sons and daughters of retired and serving Judges and Justices are being nominated for appointment into sensitive judicial positions at the expence of more qualified candidates without privileged support and backing.

This time around, it is emphasis on favoritism/nepotism over competence. This is a pathway to future judicial malfeasance and miscarriage of justice. Nigerians and other stakeholders in the fight against corruption should fight to halt this malpractice now so as to save the nation from grave deterioration in our judicial system.

The Committee appreciates the limitations imposed on all MDAs, CSOs, security agencies, medical personnel, Anti corruption agencies, the media, etc arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Yet, the Committee urges all of us to work in unison to fight corruption just as we are fighting COVID-19.

The Committee assures all Nigerians that the government will never relent in fighting corruption. We seek the support and understanding of everyone for our gallant Anti Corruption Agencies in order to propel them to record more successes. It is a fight they cannot wage alone.

On its part, the federal government will partner with interested parties within and outside Nigeria to checkmate corruption and its evil promoters because the political will to fight corruption in Nigeria exists firmly under the present Administration.

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Written By Dr. Hagler Sunny Okorie

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